Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Protection Equipment

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If you work in an industry where there is a risk of serious injury resulting from on-the-job falls, and are looking where to buy fall protection equipment, explore the selection of fall protection systems and gear at D.E. Gemmill.

You’ll find a wide assortment of safety equipment in our online store and in our York, PA retail location. Don’t risk the consequences of dangerous working conditions — learn more about your options, and keep yourself and your employees safe.

What to Consider When Buying Fall Protection Safety Gear

If you or your employees work at heights regularly, you should consider purchasing fall protection equipment. The types of systems are:


  • Fall arrest. Arrest systems stop an in-progress fall. Of all the types of protection systems available, arrest systems offer the least protection because the risk of injury is high. Equipment is less expensive, but your employees must inspect and maintain the system every time it’s used. Extensive training is required.
  • Travel restraint system. Restraint systems offer more protection than arrest systems, but there is still a risk of injury. Daily maintenance and inspection are required to use a restraint system safely. OSHA acknowledges that restraint systems are better than arrest systems but prefers prevention systems. Extensive training is required.
  • Fall prevention. Prevention systems are the strongest equipment available, and OSHA prefers them because there is no risk of injury. Prevention systems, such as a guardrail, place a physical barrier between the worker and the hazard. In addition, prevention systems only require annual maintenance and inspection. No training is required.


What Safety Standards Should My Equipment Meet?

The equipment you and your employees use should comply with OSHA regulations. This will help protect those you care about from the risks associated with on-the-job falls. You’ll also protect your business from liability if you provide OSHA-compliant gear.

Keep in mind that OSHA does not verify that products are safe for employees to use at height. Instead, manufacturers design fall protection systems so they’ll comply with their regulations. You can verify that your D.E. Gemmill fall protection solution complies with OSHA by asking us for product documentation.

How Do I Know If I’m Using the Right Equipment?

Don’t just guess when you need to buy fall prevention equipment online. If you’re not sure which equipment to buy, get in touch with us. We take your safety seriously, and that’s why we offer outstanding products and customer service.

OSHA requires fall protection equipment when working at heights of six feet or above. Roofing, construction and bricklaying are just a few of the industries that should strongly consider requiring workers to wear fall protection equipment.

In addition to fall protection equipment, D.E. Gemmill also offers Mobile Safety on Site (S.O.S.). Our S.O.S. truck delivers personal safety equipment directly to jobsites that is customized for specific work environments.

If your organization’s safety department needs fall protection equipment, then get in touch with D.E. Gemmill. We take your safety seriously and will bring the products you need right to your jobsite or workplace.

Types of Fall Protection Equipment

D.E. Gemmill is a leader in pavement maintenance, and we understand the need to protect workers with excellent safety equipment. We launched our safety product division specifically because we knew we could find the most effective gear available in the market today.

D.E. Gemmill offers a wide array of OSHA-compliant products, including:


  • Full-body safety harnesses. Read more about our fall protection safety harnesses available for purchase online or stop by our York, PA retail location.
  • Hard hats and headgear. D.E. Gemmill offers vented and non-vented hard hats with 4-point ratchet suspensions, in addition to replacement suspensions and more.
  • Anchor points. Ensure your fall protection system includes anchor points. We offer permanent and portable anchor points and more.
  • Lanyards and lifelines. Attach your harness to a lanyard or lifeline and ensure you can safely traverse, enter and exit all access points.
  • Fall protection accessories. Ask us about our rope anchors, carabiners and snap hooks.
  • Complete fall protection systems. If you need a complete system for your workers, we can help. Ask us about customizing a fall prevention system for your jobsite.
  • Rescue systems. Even if you’ve taken every precaution, accidents sometimes happen. Be prepared for a fall with our rescue devices, and help every worker get home safely.


Industries That Use Fall Protection Systems

Many industries, such as roofing and construction, regularly use fall protection gear. But other industries, such as painting, heating and cooling, and window washing may also benefit when their workers use fall protection equipment.

If you’re unsure if your jobsite or industry requires the use of a fall protection system, ask yourself:


  • Do my employees work at heights over six feet?
  • Do my employees work on rooftops, catwalks, ladders or suspended platforms?
  • Do my employees work in open-air environments on upper floors?
  • Do my employees work on utility poles, rock walls or other tall areas outdoors where a fall hazard exists?


If you answered yes, you probably need a fall protection system in place for your workers. If you’re not sure, call us — we can help you choose the safety equipment that’s right for you.


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D.E. Gemmill serves construction businesses, public works departments, fire departments, EMS departments, warehousing and storage businesses, and more. We help organizations prioritize employee safety by providing specialized fall protection equipment and outstanding customer service.

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