Pavement Marking Cleaning Services in PA

Proper pavement marking provides a critical service to drivers no matter what surface they’re traveling on. Using the roads, drivers stay in their lanes thanks to markings designating each traveling area. Shoulders clearly marked on the highway give drivers a place to pull over and tend to issues safely. In parking lots, markings keep people in their space and prevent cars from parking too close to others, which can result in damages.

To keep vehicles safe and protect them on the road, you need to maintain pavement markings. But often the first step is to clean the existing pavement to ready it for marking. D.E. Gemmill can assist you with this critical task. Our contracting services allow you to address the debris and build-up that may have dulled existing pavement marking and made it difficult to see. When you refresh these markings, you need to have a surface that is primed to accept the paint, and clean pavement will be.

As one of the leading pavement paint cleaning and maintenance contractors in PA, we know what’s required to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our unique approach to this task gets the results you demand, as well as offering unparalleled customer support. We enjoy going through this process with you and will produce results that exceed your expectations.

How Pavement Marking Cleaning by Hyrdoblasting Works

Waterblasting can be used to clean existing pavement markings on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Utilizing the correct tip sizes and the amount of water pressure, our Waterblasting truck can quickly remove rubber and dirt from existing pavement markings. Using this technique helps for the removal of the curing compound on new concrete before new markings are applied, for the cleaning of existing pavement markings restoring reflectivity, and for the retexturing of pavement surfaces in order to restore friction levels. This cleaning and rejuvenation of pavement markings can reduce the need for expensive repainting.

The Benefits of Pavement Marking Cleaning with Waterblasting

Why should you have pavement marking paint professional cleaned? You may not have considered this vital undertaking before and want to know what advantages it offers. Here are three reasons we recommend this service to clients:

  • Rejuvenate worn surfaces: Improving the look of pavement through waterblasting makes the surface look younger and less worn. Appearance is critical when your business is trying to attract customers, who will feel better about putting their trust in a company with a new-looking parking lot than an old and worn one.
  • Improve safety: On highways with worn-out markings, it can be difficult for drivers to know which lane is theirs or where a turning lane begins. Cleaning the old marking first ensures there will be less confusion and a clearly marked path for vehicles to follow. This will lead to fewer accidents.
  • Meeting industry standards: Municipalities may have standards for pavement marking that you need to meet in order to stay in compliance. Cleaning and restriping old markings allows you to uphold these requirements for visibility and reflectivity.

Why Choose D.E. Gemmill for Pavement Paint Cleaning and Restoration?

We have more than 30 years of experience in the pavement maintenance industry and have developed a well-earned reputation for quality and outstanding results. When we take on a new client, we consult with them to discover which of our services they might benefit from. We focus on providing them with the support they need to meet their goals, whether that includes pavement paint cleaning and restriping or clearing away rubber debris on an airport landing strip.

Our customized contracting solutions solve problems. Your company needs to free up time and energy to focus on your primary business concerns. By contracting out services such as pavement paint cleaning, you can move forward with other things you’d rather focus on, feeling secure that we can take care of these issues for you without hassle.

Many customers have trusted us with such needs in the past. Our contracting services:

  • Boast a unique user experience, as we tailor our pavement marking and cleaning to your needs
  • Reflect our focus on high quality, with everything we do for you aimed at delivering the best impact
  • Draw on years of experience, which allow us to make recommendations based on safety and situations we have experienced over the years

Contact D.E. Gemmill to Get a Free Estimate on Pavement Marking Cleaning

We want to assist your company with your pavement marking cleaning needs. Our longtime experience in the industry has given us time to create distinct methods of cleaning and restriping that maximize efficiency and get the job done quickly. We can deliver services that meet your high standards. Contact us today to discuss a free estimate for our pavement paint cleaning and restriping services.