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Safety and High-Vis Rainwear

As a dedicated professional, you’re committed to getting the job done even in the most demanding circumstances. You also know that taking the time to use appropriate rainwear when necessary is part of doing so safely.

At D.E. Gemmill Inc., we’re dedicated to matching our customers with the right personal protective equipment for any job. When cloudy skies threaten your productivity and put you at risk, make sure you have rain gear you can trust.

This page contains our current selection of high-vis reflective rain jackets, pants, and more. Working closely with our manufacturer partners, we offer products in a wide range of sizes and styles, carefully choosing each item for comfort, quality, and performance.

Why Buy High-Vis Reflective Rain Gear?

High-vis safety rain jackets help workers stand out from the environment, making them more easily seen by vehicle traffic, moving equipment, and employees carrying dangerous objects or tools. In doing so, they reduce the risk of on-the-job accidents that can grind your productivity to a halt, or worse.

High-visibility safety jackets are especially important when working in the rain, as cloudy conditions will further obscure low-light conditions and make it difficult for workers to see each other.

For these reasons, many employers are required to provide appropriate high-vis rain gear to their employees when necessary. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your team, finding products that offer the best combination of fit and performance is critical. For this reason, we also offer a full selection of women’s safety apparel to ensure proper fit and safety.

Understanding ANSI Ratings for Hi-Vis Rain Gear

Most of the high-vis rainwear on this page is certified to ANSI Class 3 or Class E standards. Class 3-compliant clothing is suitable for use by workers who are repeatedly exposed to high-speed traffic. To make them more visible in low-light conditions, Class 3 jackets and pants feature additional retroreflective material on the arms and legs. As a result, Class 3 clothing is suitable for highway construction, emergency response, and other related applications.

ANSI Class E designates high-vis rain gear offering full-body protection. This includes coveralls, pants, and other outerwear that can work on its own or alongside a Class 2 or Class 3 jacket or vest.

Quality Safety Apparel for Demanding Jobs

Meeting ANSI specifications is just one aspect of what makes quality high-vis rainwear. Jackets and pants should also be tough enough to stand up to everything your work throws at it. Our products include features such as 300D Ripstop polyester oxford fabric and Teflon protection for repelling water and oil.

Visit individual product pages for detailed specifications. If you’re unsure which type of rain gear your application requires, contact D.E. Gemmill Inc. directly.

Why Shop D.E. Gemmill Inc. for Safety Rain Jackets?

D.E. Gemmill Inc. is a proud partner to construction and road work crews throughout Central PA and beyond. We offer our selection of high-visibility rain gear for sale through our online store as well as our retail storefront in York and our on-site mobile safety gear shop. We specialize exclusively in personal protective equipment and related services. As a result, we can recommend the best products for your needs and help you choose the right combination of items for any job.

When you order your safety apparel online from D.E. Gemmill Inc., you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy quick, reliable shipping and know that our return policy is focused on your satisfaction. If you have questions on products, get in touch to get expert assistance today.