Asphalt Surface Cleaning Services in PA

Keeping a construction site clean presents many challenges. Dirt and debris fly around as trucks and other heavy machinery run across the site. You may need temporary markers on the asphalt, as well, to show traffic patterns during construction, which can guide trucks in the right direction so they don’t crash into each other.

You will need to clean the asphalt when you reach the end of your project. Rather than adding another step to your process, a step you may not be equipped to do properly, call D.E. Gemmill. Our asphalt road and floor cleaning contractors have experience getting even the filthiest of surfaces clean. Check out our hyrdoblasting truck in action in the video below. 

You want your construction site to sparkle upon completion of a project. This will increase its value and curb appeal if you plan to put it on the market. If you are keeping the site as your own, cleaning the asphalt makes its curb appeal rise. It also readies the asphalt for markings it may need for safety once the project is finished.

We have the experience and knowledge needed to assist you with all your asphalt surface cleaning needs. We have offered these services to many businesses over the years, and we have a lineup of happy customers to show for it. When you contract with D.E. Gemmill, you get service that goes beyond your expectations. We want to assist you with your asphalt and floor cleaning needs in Pennsylvania.

Why Use Asphalt Surface Cleaning by Hydroblasting?

Waterblasting machines are a technically proven water disbursement system with a capability of operating pressure up to 40,000 pounds per square inch, creating a very efficient process for line removal, pavement cleaning and surface preparation. Our new waterblasting truck is equipped with a simultaneous vacuuming system to instantly extract a majority of debris and paint being removed from the surface using no solvents or fumes. Its self-contained water recovery system makes for a one-step process and is environmentally friendly because it recycles the water while separating the removed debris.

Long-term construction sites often are extremely dirty. Many times, an asphalt binder needs to be placed in order to create an environment on the construction site that provides a suitable surface for deliveries, laydown areas, and construction vehicles to adequately continue to maneuver around the long-term construction project. The problem that occurs is the asphalt binder may be in place for a long period of time before the final asphalt paving is placed. Over that period of time, a great deal of mud and dirt is ground into the asphalt binder surface. The utilization of sweeper trucks and small power washing units tend to fail to remove the ground in dirt from the asphalt surface. If this dirt and debris are not removed from the surface, the bond of the final asphalt wearing course may be compromised.

Industrial Concrete Floor Cleaning in PA

Asphalt isn’t the only surface that can become dirty on a construction site. Concrete floors also leach dirt from nearby sites, turning the concrete a dirty brown. The ugly stains reflect poorly on the state of the room if you want to invite people in to see the property to sell it. Whatever the status of the building, you want everything to look new and well-cared-for. This will make it easier to sell or more valuable to keep in your own portfolio.

We can aid with cleaning industrial concrete floors. We use the same approach to cleaning them as we do for asphalt. Our waterblasting machines can get the dirt out quickly, even when it has been caked on through months of buildup. Our technicians will get your floor sparkling and looking like brand new.

We Stand Out From Other Asphalt Surface Cleaning Companies

D.E. Gemmill Inc can utilize our waterblasting equipment and technology to clean the surface and provide a suitable surface for the final asphalt wearing course to bond with the binder course of asphalt. Surface cleaning with waterblasting accomplishes surface cleaning and preparation of the surface without the vibrations, surface damage and heat increase of other removal methods and is ready in a timely manner so we can keep your highway striping or parking lot projects on schedule.

Our contracting services offer the hands-on assistance you desire to address any issue that may come up during the construction process. The benefits of using our services include:

  • Flexibility: We can adjust to meet your needs
  • Pricing: We offer the highest quality with reasonable pricing options
  • Turnaround: We treat every request with urgency and strive to address things quickly

Our unsurpassed knowledge of and experience in the pavement maintenance industry makes us the logical choice for your asphalt cleaning needs.

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