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Parking Lot Striping, Markings and Maintenance in the Central PA Area

D.E. Gemmill has been a parking lot striper in York, PA, for more than 30 years. Since our founding in 1986, parking lot marking and maintenance has been one of our core services. Our clients include office buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, public parking lots and more — no job is too big or too small for our team.

We offer a range of paint and service options to meet the needs of any client and will work with you to determine your requirements and develop a parking lot repair plan that will keep traffic flowing smoothly in your lot while meeting ADA and other compliance obligations. 

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 Why Make Parking Lot Line Painting a Priority?

Of all the infrastructural improvements you can make to a property, parking lot line striping may seem like a low priority. However, there are several reasons why it shouldn’t be.

Aside from the obvious liability risk and the potential for fines if fire lanes, handicap spots, and other areas aren’t marked, your parking lot says a lot about who you are as a business. It’s often the first thing a customer sees when entering your property. Though the effect may be subtle, a clean and freshly painted lot creates an initial impression that will predispose customers to think positively about your business.

Pennsylvania’s Parking Lot Maintenance Experts

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your lot looking its best. With over 30 years of experience as a parking lot line painting contractor in Montgomery County, Bucks County, PA, and across the Mid-Atlantic, D.E. Gemmill, Inc. has the expertise necessary to develop a comprehensive maintenance schedule for your property. Depending on the volume of traffic, annual restriping may be required. If this is the case for your business, contact a local parking lot striper in York, PA

A small investment in ongoing maintenance is the best way to avoid fines and compliance issues and to keep traffic moving seamlessly. We can provide on-site service that works around your schedule to get the job done quickly and minimize disruptions to your day-to-day operations.

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Striping Options for All Commercial Properties

D.E. Gemmill, Inc. is a full-service parking lot repaving company for customers throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. We provide design, layout and execution services for new lots based on our extensive expertise and familiarity with state laws.

To meet the requirements of different customers, we offer a variety of paint options, including:

  • Conventional paint: Offers the best value for light- and medium-duty applications. Use standard paint for low-volume traffic markings, pole base painting, and other commercial tasks.
  • Epoxy traffic markings: For high-volume areas requiring extended service life. Epoxy markings can last five to seven times longer than conventional paint. As a result, it will require less frequent maintenance restriping.
  • Thermoplastic paint: This paint features reflective glass beads to improve visibility. Like epoxy, thermoplastic paints offer excellent longevity and lower costs over time.

Not sure which is best for your application? We’d be happy to recommend several options based on your budget, legal requirements and technical specifications.

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From our headquarters in Red Lion, PA, we are well-positioned to provide parking lot painting and maintenance for customers throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Looking for a parking lot line striping contractor in Chester County, PA, or anywhere across the Mid-Atlantic? Call us today! To learn more about our services or to request a quote, contact our office directly at (866) 755-9794 or send us an email with the details of your project. For Construction clothing and equipment visit our construction retail store in York PA.