Parking Bumper Blocks in the Mid-Atlantic

Parking bumper blocks are also known as wheel stops, parking blocks, or curb stops. They are designed to assist attentive drivers while parking their vehicle and protect a large array of structures and other parked vehicles from being struck by vehicular traffic. Bumper blocks offer a long service life and superior stability and strength to withstand vehicular traffic wheel impacts.

Bumper blocks are manufactured in several different materials including concrete, plastic and recycled rubber. Existing bumper blocks should be routinely inspected monthly and after snow events for signs of corrosion, cracking, misalignment and other deterioration. Unfortunately bumper blocks tend to be identified as a possible tripping hazard. To decrease the likelihood of them being a tripping hazard, it is recommended to paint them yellow so they can contrast against their surroundings and other painted markings on the parking surface.

We are bollard and bumper block experts so we can ensure proper installation and placement in parking lots, parking garages and other indoor structures. You can count on us to ensure your meeting proper standards and bumper block dimensions within your facility.