Temporary & Permanent Pavement Marking Tape Applications

Keeping your workers safe and making their jobs easier are top priorities for construction companies. Creating easy-to-understand traffic flow patterns plays a big role in these efforts. When your employees know where they’re going and follow the directions you lay out, it reduces on-the-job accidents and ensures everyone is on the same page. Our temporary pavement marking tapes are the tool you need for this safety precaution.

D.E. Gemmill has been providing solutions for the pavement maintenance industry for more than 30 years, and we understand how important safety is to the construction industry. We recognize our customers need solutions that are easy to use and can be implemented quickly. That’s why our temporary pavement marking tapes have become such an in-demand item.

We want to make construction zones safer and cut down on work zone accidents. When you invest in our temporary or permanent pavement tape contracting services, you give your entire team a boost, and you reduce the chances of injury on the job.

Temporary Removable Marking Tapes

Temporary pavement markings are an important element of traffic control plans and provide drivers with clear and defined travel paths around and throughout work zones. Removable Tapes are used to direct traffic around and through construction area work zones. This special tape has a pressure sensitive backing, which provides a secure bond to the asphalt or concrete surface. Temporary Removable Tape can be removed without the use of heating or using specialized equipment, thereby leaving the roadway surface undamaged. According to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) temporary pavement marking for long term work zones should perform as effectively as permanent pavement markings.

Benefits of Temporary Marking Tape

Why should you employ a temporary marking tape contractor at your sites? When you employ D.E. Gemmill to assist with these markings, you achieve better safety as well as:

  • Direct traffic: Our line of removable tapes works together to safely and economically direct traffic around construction work zones.
  • Fast application: Marked roadways can be immediately opened to traffic, limiting road closures.
  • Secure adhesion: The pressure sensitive adhesive backing conforms to all asphalt and concrete surfaces providing a secure bond through heavy traffic and extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Easy removal: Tape can be removed manually in large pieces without the use of heat or special equipment, leaving the road surface undamaged.

Permanent Pavement Marking Tapes

As its name implies, Permanent Pavement Marking Tape is not designed to be a temporary fix or decoration. The tape will hold fast onto highways, streets, intersections and other high traffic areas, making it ideal for your long-term marking requirements. There is no need to wait for the tape to set or dry, it can be driven over or walked on almost immediately after installation. Some permanent tapes can be inlaid into new asphalt surfaces therefore providing a more durable marking in cold weather climates where snow conditions may be present. Between its quick set up, durability, reflectivity and peel resistance, our permanent pavement marking tapes are convenient for workers, drivers and pedestrians alike.

Uses of Permanent Pavement Marking Tapes

Pavement marking tape suppliers and contractors employ this tool in many ways, including:

  • Long Line Road Markings
  • Intersections
  • Pedestrian Crosswalks
  • New Construction Projects
  • Tapes are also Available in Various Preformed Symbols and Legends

Why Choose D.E. Gemmill as Your Pavement Marking Tape Supplier & Contractor?

Whether you need short- or long-term marking solutions, D.E. Gemmill can get the job done. We provide contracting services and products to our customers. That makes us a one-stop shop where you can find all the things you need, from assistance, solving problems, to the tools you need to do it.

We draw on our more than 30 years of experience to assist you with the issues you encounter in work zones, so we have the experience and knowledge to suggest new ideas you may not have considered. Innovation is the key to doing the job well, so we are always looking for new ways to help our customers and meet their individualized needs.

Every customer receives a customized solution from D.E. Gemmill. While companies may want similar services, we tweak them to meet your unique requirements. We believe that’s the sign of a good partner. Our team listens to your needs and presents solutions aimed at achieving the goals you have set out, from improving safety in the work zone to completing a project on time and on budget.

Get Pavement Marking Tape From D.E. Gemmill

D.E. Gemmill is a leading service and product provider in the pavement maintenance industry. We provide solutions for construction sites and other places to define traffic patterns and prevent accidents. To learn more about our pavement marking tape and other products, contact us today and get a free estimate.