Automated Flagger Assistance Device Contractor in PA

Work zones crashes are a daily occurrence. They occur once every 5.4 minutes across the country, according to the latest statistics. People often drive too quickly through work zones or get too close to the people performing the work — even going 5 miles per hour above the speed limit can endanger the people on the site. 

For these reasons, managing traffic efficiently and without danger to either drivers or workers is a primary concern for those in the construction industry. Creating safer work zones for your employees motivates so many of the contracting services offered by D.E. Gemmill. D.E. Gemmill Inc. is now using smart automated flagging devices connected through a computerized tablet with real time video, providing an alternative to placing flaggers in harms way, while still providing the vital service in the work zone.

An automated flagging device in your work zones can be set up to perform the same functions your human flagger did, reducing the number of people who get hurt in a crash. You can implement D.E. Gemmill’s automated flagging units in your PA work zones today. Our top-of-the-line options will give you peace of mind at your construction site. You can feel confident about deploying the latest technology to help you monitor the safety of your workers and build on those innovations to protect your team.

How Do Work Zone Electronic Flagger Contractors Work?

In recent years, the industry has become more attuned to the perils presented by construction zone work and how automation can assist with decreasing these dangers. The number of work zone crashes has increased in our busy society, where people often in a hurry whiz through construction sites and distracted driving has become a greater issue.

Automated flaggers represent the next level in work zone technology, addressing the widespread problem of crashes leading to injuries and even fatalities that could be prevented through technology. By looking at the needs of your site and traffic tendencies nearby, we can implement our devices to react responsively and create traffic patterns that run smoothly and keep everyone on the right path. Our flagger technology:

  • Provides positive visual vehicle control
  • Monitors traffic continuously
  • Sends an instantaneous alert to construction personnel if a safety threat is detected

This technology has been tested to ensure its reliability. We are confident in its ability to protect your workers and increase your peace of mind when you have people out on a construction site with nearby traffic. D.E. Gemmill intends to use this technology & supply this service for striping, paving, utility work and similar short-term construction projects.

The Benefits of Contractors Using Automated Flagging Assistance Devices in PA

In a traditional flagger operation, usually two workers are exposed to the traveling public one at either end of the work zone. Working with stop/slow paddles and communicate with each other with walkie talkies or via cell phone. One flagger opens his end of the zone to traffic flow while the other flagger stops traffic from entering the zone. Both flaggers are ultimately in the work zone and exposed to traffic as it enters or exits the work zone.

The SmartFlagger system exposes no workers to drivers because it is operated via tablet by one-person in their work zone vehicle nearby. The SmartFlagger uses devices at each work zone entrance with an arm bar that is raised and lowered through the tablet to prevent traffic from entering the work zone. There are cameras on each unit which allows the operator to view both ends of the automatic flagging operation. In most circumstances these units can be set up 1.2 miles apart, creating a work zone approximately 1 mile long that can be controlled by one person. The cameras create a live, real-time video feed which is connected to a tablet.

One flagger sits within the work zone, between the automated flagging devices and monitors the video and controls the traffic through the work zone based on the live video feeds. The operator determines when to raise and lower an arm to let traffic through based on the traffic conditions seen through the live video feeds.

The system, can be safely interrupted anytime to allow emergency vehicles to pass through the work zone. In the event of a work zone intrusion, a 118-decibel alarm alerts the construction personnel that there might be a threat to safety.

The SmartFlagger can be operated automatically with proven timers and calculations when required; however, most states require a human operator to be present and monitoring the device at all times. Its intent is not to be used as an automatic traffic control device without a person monitoring the traffic and deciding when to raise and lower the arms.

Flaggers still need to be certified to set up the SmartFlagger and to set up the desired traffic control for the road or lane closure. Now the flagger can be in a safe location within the construction zone, instead of being the first person to be threatened of danger.

This new innovation can assist your construction site in other ways, such as:

  • Reducing the chances of injury or fatality: Getting your flagger out of high-traffic areas means one less person is in danger should a work zone crash occur.
  • Assisting authorities in case of an accident: Automated flaggers can help police track down drivers who ignore flagging at a construction site or drive away from the scene of an accident.

Automated Flagger Price

Our Automated Flagging Devices have a competitive price point for those searching for added safety measures on their construction work sites. Our pricing takes into account the number of units you need for the job at hand, appropriate traffic control set-ups for the lane or road closure, the length of service you desire and other important facets of your contract. We can walk you through the pricing, so you understand what you are paying for.

We Are Your Automated Flagger Assistance Device Contractor in PA

For more than 30 years, D.E. Gemmill has provided the pavement maintenance industry’s most advanced services and products. We rely on technology and development to improve the quality and breadth of these offerings every day. Whether you are a big or small company, we can take care of all your pavement markings and maintenance needs.

We talk to our customers to determine what problems they need to be solved and how we can help. Through discussing their issues, we discovered the demand for automated flaggers and entered into the testing phase of our futuristic flagging operation. We expanded our contracting services to meet your demands, and we want to show you how this new type of device can assist you and lead to greater efficiency in your operations.

Our contracting services include:

  • Free estimates
  • High-quality products and solutions
  • Personal attention to come up with a plan that meets all your needs

We want to work together to see what you need. Let us find new ideas that will improve your workspace and increase your productivity. Best of all, we respond to every request with an urgency to get the job done. We know you need you’re on a tight schedule, and we’ll work with you to make sure we can follow it.

Implement our Automated Flagger Assistance Device in PA

Are you ready to upgrade your work zone construction safety? Adding these flaggers to your site can enhance your safety and put your employees in more active, hands-on positions. When you contract with D.E. Gemmill, you get the benefit of our unique experience and insights to make your workflow go smoother.

Reach out to us and get started. To get a free estimate or learn more about our automated flagger assistance devices, contact our office in PA.