Bollards & Traffic Barrier Installation in Pennsylvania & Maryland

Bollards & Site Amenities in Pennsylvania & Maryland

Bollards and Traffic Barrier Installation

Bollards are important forms of physical traffic control used to direct vehicles, protect workers and pedestrians and secure sensitive areas. Different bollards and barriers are available to meet different application requirements — choosing the best product for your needs requires a careful consideration of several factors and, often, consultation with an expert.

 Our Products

D.E. Gemmill Inc. supplies and installs traffic control bollards for clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Virginia. We work with construction crews, public works departments and other clients. You may need your bollard installation for a shopping plaza parking lot, a temporary construction site or for any of the other number of possible applications. To every project, we bring an informed perspective on each state’s legal requirements as well as other practical considerations. Count on us for the following:

  • Protective and security bollards designed to prevent access and move vehicles efficiently through work sites and industrial facilities. We carry square tubing and round pipe bollards that can be painted in various colors or finished with a concrete cap or composite sleeve.
  • Sign bollards that are engineered to prevent damage to road signs and other posts in the event of an accident. Busy environments where minor collisions are common — such as parking lots and warehouses — all use sign bollards to improve safety and minimize damage.
  • Collapsible bollards that fold over to permit emergency vehicle access when necessary, while remaining upright to prevent pedestrian or civilian traffic from entering. Several different shapes, sizes and installation configurations are available.
  • Architectural and decorative bollards that serve the dual purpose of preventing access while beautifying a property. Whether you have specific branding requirements that need to be met or you simply want a more attractive alternative to a concrete or metal barrier, D.E. Gemmill Inc. has products and in-house design expertise suitable for any application.
  • Safety bollards and barriers in various sizes and shapes for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Speed bumps and other traffic control products designed to keep vehicles moving at a safe pace.
  • Parking bumper blocks and protective guards that can be used to secure or beautify a specific area. Use them to manage traffic, protect machinery or utility panels, and more. We are the premier parking bollard installation company in Ocean County and Mercer County, NJ, as well as PA, VA, and the Mid-Atlantic.