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High Visibility Safety Pants

D.E. Gemmill Inc. is your online source for quality high-visibility safety pants. We carry reflective Class E hi-vis pants, leggings and bibs made from durable polyester for improved resistance to damage and wear. Whether buying for yourself or placing an order for your team, stand out on any work site with affordable reflective safety apparel shipped fast and directly to your doorstep. For help selecting the right clothing or to place a bulk order, send us a message or call (717) 755-9794 today. 

The Importance of Hi-Vis Clothing on Work Sites

Work sites aren’t your typical office environment. Workers and visitors on construction sites, on the road and in areas with a lot of moving parts face unique hazards. Improve job site efficiency and reduce the threats posed by heavy equipment, passing traffic and much more with hi-vis clothing. Use our safety leggings and other hi-vis clothing to meet ANSI/ISEA requirements and you’ll also:

  • Improve job site efficiency: Get an instant bearing on worker locations with hi-vis clothing. Our reflective safety clothing is bright in day or night, helping identify worker positions indoors or out for faster communication and better productivity. 
  • Reduce the risks of accident and injury: Hi-vis clothing lets workers shine, broadcasting their location to other workers, passing motorists and pedestrians. Safety clothing keeps workers safer from vehicle collisions and job site accidents, standing out against virtually any backdrop. 
  • Achieve better worker comfort and protection: Our collection of safety clothing is durable, protecting workers from moisture, debris, stains and more. We also offer insulated options for helping workers accomplish more during the winter months and in cold environments. 

Hi-Visibility Safety Clothing Options

Our collection of high-visibility safety rain pants, bibs and leggings let your workers shine — literally. We carry hi-vis pants for outdoor nighttime work and enhanced visibility during the day, improving safety on work sites ranging from the side of the road to the inside of a warehouse. 

Find the right reflective pants for any job with our extensive selection of safety hi-vis pants for sale online. Choose from a variety of hi-visibility safety clothing options for warm weather or pick an insulated pair of hi-vis pants for better comfort in colder places. Our available types of hi-vis pants include:

Hi-Vis Bibs

Bib-style safety pants offer better visibility, increased utility and more protection than regular work clothing. Hi-vis bibs are ideal for keeping you dry and comfortable on jobs where getting messy comes with the territory. Store tools, pens, notepads and other essential gear within arm’s reach using handy cargo pockets. 

  • Class E insulated bibs: Our heavyweight, two-tone Class E heavy insulated bibs are manufactured with 300d (denier) polyester. These bibs are durable yet lightweight and poly-filled for improved insulation. These comfortable bibs feature a polyurethane (PU) coating, adding a waterproof protective layer. Class E hi-vis bibs are resistant to wear, preventing damage from abrasions, punctures, tears and more. 
  • Class 3 waterproof bibs: We offer reflective Class 3 waterproof bibs made from 150d polyester for keeping their strength when wet, eliminating sagging and stretching. These bibs feature a waterproof polyurethane coating, repelling water, stains, oil and more. Our hi-vis Class E bibs meet ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 standards, meeting or exceeding the standards for high-visibility safety apparel set by the American National Standards Institute.

Hi-Vis Leggings

Safety leggings offer increased protection for the lower legs with reflective material for high visibility during the day or at night. Our hi-vis leggings are designated ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Class E for meeting all applicable safety and performance standards. 

  • Class E hi-vis reflective leggings: These lightweight Class E mesh leggings come in one size and feature bright 2-inch reflective tape. Adjust for comfort using a hook and loop closure. 
  • Leggings with contrast bindingOur reflective leggings with contrast binding come equipped with drawstring closures and three adjustable hook and loop connections for maximum comfort. 

Hi-Vis Rain Pants

Our hi-vis rain pants repel water, oil and are resistant to staining. High-visibility pants are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, keeping you dry and visible when cleaning equipment or when the clouds roll in. Browse several types of rain pants and find the right clothing for your crew

  • Class E ripstop insulated pants: Our premier rain pants include insulation for warmth in cold environments, zipper legs for easy removal and a Teflon shield for pants that look great for longer. These hi-vis pants feature two-tone black and bright yellow, with reflective tape for added safety at night.
  • Class E water/windproof pants: ANSI/ISEA Class E waterproof and windproof pants are available in sizes ranging from small to 5X, with elastic drawstring waistbands for adjustable comfort. These pants slip on over your clothing, with pass-through slits on either side for fast and easy access to front pockets. 
  • Class E Petra Roc rain pants: Petra Roc black bottom drawstring rain pants are highly visible in rough weather or for outdoor nighttime work. These pants are manufactured from 300d oxford polyester, offering superior resistance to abrasions, punctures and tears. Petra Roc rain pants sizes come in small to 5X. 
  • Class E two-tone mesh pantsGet visible quickly with Class E mesh pants made for fast on and off. These pants feature 2-inch reflective tape near the shins with contrasting trim for increased visibility when illuminated. Our two-tone mesh pants include elastic bottom cuffs, preventing intrusion by debris and moisture.

Buy Reflective Hi-Vis Safety Pants Online

At D.E. Gemmill Inc., we know safety. We have over 30 years of experience performing contracting services and delivering exceptional safety gear. Our team takes pride in offering every customer a professional, courteous and efficient customer service experience. Order a single item or take advantage of our rapid fulfillment of bulk orders, helpful for creating uniforms or matching existing company clothing styles. 

Shine a light on your safety standards and stay visible at the job site, in the warehouse, on the roadway and in many more locations with hi-vis pants sure to catch the eye. Find everything you need, including reflective vests, jackets, gloves and more by browsing our full selection of safety apparel. Product customization is available for bulk orders. Buy online and save time. For more information about adding a personal touch to your hi-vis pants or for help selecting the right clothing styles, send us a message