Flame Resistant Clothing

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Men and women walking forward wearing flame resistant clothing

To ensure the safety and health of works, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) monitors guidelines and enforces occupational health and safety rules. In early 2010, they established new regulations requiring flame-resistant (FR) clothing for industries in which flash fire and electric arc flash hazards are or may exist.

Any personnel working near any stage of petroleum or natural gas production can present a risk for arc flashes or flash fires. Personnel working close to threats associated with an arc flash should take necessary precautions to shield themselves.

Arc-rated (AR) flame-resistant clothing should always be worn to ensure the safety of you and your team. Although AR clothing will not sustain combustion, it will provide the wearer insulation from the powerful heat of an arc flash up to the arc rating. The arc rating is the amount of energy the fabric can block to prevent the wearer from receiving second-degree burns. Wearing flame-resistant clothing that has an arc rating equivalent to or higher than the plausible incident energy is essential to avoid such burns.

It’s for this reason that both U.S. and Canadian safety organizations require the use of FRC when working in dangerous conditions.

For businesses, flame-resistant clothing is an investment in safety — and safety is an investment in your business. When your employees have the protection they need, they can work more productively and with less downtime. Additionally, FRC helps you reduce your liability and mitigate the risk of an accident that can have far-reaching consequences for your finances and your reputation.

What to Consider When Buying FR Clothing Online

When buying FR clothing, you need to know you are purchasing a quality product that offers genuine protection. Any purchase should meet the relevant regulatory standards.

The majority of recognized FR clothing brands are made to sustain their flame resistance for the lifetime of the garment. However, some brands may only use a chemical application process to treat the fabric which makes them FR. As the wear of the garment continues, the FR properties on treated FR fabric can begin to degrade, thus becoming less protective as the wear of the garment continues.

When it comes to FR clothing, there are many aspects that must be inspected closely before an appropriate purchase decision can be made, including their compliance with relevant safety standards.

For electrical technicians, that standard is ASTM F1506-98. For manufacturing environments, it’s NFPA 2112. ASTM F1959 is another standard that deals with flame-resistant fabrics, while ASTM F1891-98 relates specifically to FR rainwear. Ultimately, the specifics of your operation will determine the relevant guidelines. If you’re at all concerned about choosing the right product, contact a D.E. Gemmill Inc. representative directly.

Of course, FR clothing should do more than just meet your compliance obligations. A good product will also be comfortable and easy to work in as well as highly visible, durable and shrink-resistant. D.E. Gemmill Inc. only carries FR clothing by leading manufacturer-partners including:

  • Rasco FR: Rasco FR includes hooded jackets, insulated coats and other outerwear as well as shirts, sweatshirts, overalls and more. Precisely designed, these garments shield workers from the injuries associated with electric arc flashes and flash fires. Provided users follow the clothing care instructions, Rasco FR garments are guaranteed to be flame-resistant for the lifetime of the item.
  • Portwest (BizFlame): Available worldwide, BizFlame is an anti-static, lightweight cotton rich and flame-resistant fabric that is engineered for extreme performance comfort and strength. Workers in hundreds of companies throughout the oil, gas, mining and other related industries frequently utilize this advanced fabric.
  • National Safety Apparel: National Safety Apparel or NSA is a manufacturer of high quality FR safety clothing, thermal PPE, electrical PPE, cut-resistant, high vis clothing and rainwear — proudly made in the USA since 1935. OSHA and NFPA 70E require head protection for employees conducting work where possible arc flash hazard exists.

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Why Buy FR Clothing From D.E. Gemmill Inc.?

D.E. Gemmill Inc. is a longstanding supplier of FR clothing for customers in a range of industries. We offer fast and reliable shipping across the country as well as a satisfaction guarantee and generous return/exchange policy. Our knowledgeable staff can help determine what you or your company might need to ensure you are adhering to current regulations.

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