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Taking care of your feet on the job site provides numerous benefits. Proper safety footwear helps keep your feet safe from the dangers of working in industries like construction, agriculture or manufacturing. When feet remain healthy, you can increase productivity because your workers are confident in their safety.

Benefits of Safety Footwear

Construction work, emergency medical services and manufacturing are some industries that require protective footwear. When you work with heavy machinery, dangerous objects or hazardous conditions, safety shoes provide additional protection for your feet.

Some of the benefits of wearing safety shoes or boots include:

  • Protection from water: You might be working outdoors during the rainy season or responding to a natural disaster. Waterproof boots help you keep your feet dry.
  • Protection against electrical or chemical burns: Working in the electrical field or with hazardous chemicals could injure your feet if you’re wearing standard shoes. Work shoes designed for these fields will protect your skin. 
  • Protection from injury: Heavy equipment, machinery or other materials could injure your feet and toes if they fall on them. Reinforced work shoes provide a barrier between your feet and dangerous objects.
  • Protection from slips or falls: You might work in conditions that, with improper footwear, would cause you to trip, slip or fall. Work shoes that are anti-slip help reduce these risks.

Features and Specifications

At D.E. Gemmill Inc., we understand the importance of having a good pair of safety shoes. Our high-quality apparel will help protect your feet from injury.

Our 4″ rubber overshoe fits over the top of other footwear you might wear at the workplace. They have both a reinforced heel and toe and are waterproof. The tensile strength of the material in these overshoes provides extra support against hazards. Their design reflects the long workdays you might experience and helps reduce fatigue. Our overshoes will help keep your regular work shoes in great shape.

The other pair of work shoes we have are Steelite total safety PVC boots. These boots are also waterproof, have a steel toe cap, are slip-resistant and anti-static. They will keep your feet safe in multiple industries. Purchase Steelite boots in sizes 5 to 13.

Safety Footwear and Apparel From D.E. Gemmill Inc.

Our experienced team will help you find the work shoes you need for your operations. We have decades of experience working in this industry, so we will work our hardest to direct you to safety footwear that will protect you on the job. Proper footwear saves your feet from injury, burns and other issues that can affect your work performance. We offer high-quality shoes to help you maximize productivity.

We offer services throughout Pennsylvania. We’re also available in some locations in Virginia, Delaware and Maryland. Our team will work to get you in the right protective shoes. We offer competitive pricing and fast shipping to help you receive the products you need as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact us online today. Browse our safety footwear and apparel selection above to find the protective gear you need for your job.