Meet the Team

Dave Gemmill- President  

Dave Gemmill grew up working on his grandfather’s farm and his mother was an advocate of working hard to progress in life. With those core values, Dave set out on a life’s journey to be an entrepreneur, always wanting to own his own business, even from the age of 12. Though he did not envision the pavement marking industry at that time, life has a way of taking turns to change your path.

During the summer of 1985, a former teacher, whom he stayed in contact with, presented him with a job opportunity in the parking lot line striping business.  Dave decided to take the position with the small firm and worked through the end of that year feeling he was taking great strides with a decent job. He was offered a foreman’s position for the start of following spring season in 1986 after the winter layoff season. Unfortunately that upcoming spring season he received a phone call from his employer stating the company was having financial difficulties and that the business was closing. Dave took a few weeks to think about what he was going to do, knowing he no longer had a job, he called his former employer and asked what he was planning on doing with their equipment. His old employer replied stating the equipment would be sold. With that being said Dave took his $6800.00 in his savings to purchase the minimum equipment necessary to start his own line painting company. In April of 1986 Dave started Traffic Line Painting Systems, which later became D.E. Gemmill Inc. once it was incorporated. At the age of 18, Dave realized his dream of having his own business was coming true.

The next 4 years were difficult and trying, because even though Dave knew how to perform the work, he had to learn all about managing and running a business. As time progressed he learned from his mistakes, kept making great strides and his business began to grow.  Not only did he focus on line painting but he also began installing traffic sign projects. He began to build trust with customers and established a network of clients. He worked many hours and began hiring people to assist with the day to day operations and work load. Overtime the company began to branch out from parking lots to road projects, they opened their own sign manufacturing division, started renting traffic control devices, and began to provide commercial and industrial sealcoating and crack sealing work.

In the early 2000’s Colleen Gemmill (Dave’s wife) joined the company full time and under her direction the company began to sell safety apparel and traffic control products. In 2014 D.E. Gemmill opened a retail location on Belmont Street in York, PA.

Today the company has evolved into a leader in the pavement maintenance and marking industry. Operating in over five states in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Employing over 50 employees, operating a sign shop that is both Penn DOT and SHA (Maryland Certified) and performing many unique and high profile projects, D. E. Gemmill has recently celebrated their 31st year in business.   

Dave credits the success of the company to having long term highly skilled employees, dedicated to providing quality services and products to our customers.

Dave has not slowed down you can find him on projects anytime day or night, and managing the company. He typically puts in 14 or more hours per day. He still loves what he does and enjoys the unique challenges of the industry and business. He has said Hard work pays off and that the investment he made to start his business was the best investment he has ever made.

Colleen Gemmill- Vice President

Colleen runs our Retail Safety Division as well as attending all of the companies networking and trade show events. In her spare time you will find her volunteering for Make A Wish and spending time with her family.

Jared Dutt- Vice President

D.E. Gemmill currently employs Jared as Vice President of the company. Jared came from a municipality background and transferred into the private business industry. He brings to the table 20 years experience in the construction trade and has extensive knowledge of signs and sign installation. Jared a very intense, focused, intuitive, and highly driven individual takes pride in providing perfection for his employees and customers alike. 

Ashley Buckingham- Marketing Director

Ashley has over 10 years of retail management experience and secures her specialized business degree in fashion marketing. Our marketing director oversees the development and implementation of D.E. Gemmill’s brand strategy. Ashley develops the marketing strategy for new and existing campaigns, events, digital marketing, and public relations. She also commands the operations of D.E. Gemmill’s website, email marketing program, customer databases, company and employee newsletters, as well as our social media platforms. Ashley enjoys camping, the outdoors, canning, deer hunting and spending time with her newlywed husband and their son.

Eric Buckingham- Thermoplastic Division

Eric has been with D.E. Gemmill for 9 years, he oversees our Thermoplastic Division. He supervises the crew members out on the roadway ensuring the specifications are met for the thermoplastic job at hand. He also ensures crew members are maintaining safe work practices and following the state and local guidelines. Eric also communicates with inspectors about compliance with job codes and keeps up with the maintenance of the thermoplastic equipment. In Eric’s spare time you will find him outdoors, hunting, fishing, or spending time with his newlywed wife and their son.

Jessica Gemmill- Estimator

Jessica started out working on our parking lot painting crew and was later promoted to estimator. She prepares detailed cost estimates by analyzing plans and specifications as well as performing quantity take offs. You also might find her meeting with our potential clients or subcontractors to discuss options for our proposed services. In Jessica’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her 2 kids and fiance. 

Cary Gordon- Estimator

More than 25 years ago Cary joined D.E. Gemmill Inc. and became a crucial part our team. Cary prepares work to be estimated by gathering proposals, blueprints, specifications, and related documents. Identifies and quantifies cost factors such as production time, labor expenses, materials, and time requirements by studying proposals, blueprints, specifications, and related documents. Computes costs by analyzing labor, material, and time requirements. Cary enjoys traveling to exotic places in his spare time.

Dale Hailey- Project Manager/Estimator

Dale has been with D.E. Gemmill Inc. for 22 years. He started on the road crew, and was later promoted to supervisor and now to Project Manager/Estimator. Dale provides initial sales and continued client contact to assist the contractors/client’s needs from winning the bid up until the job is complete. He also assists with scheduling our road crew, and helps estimate for our road projects. Dale enjoys the outdoors, bowling, and spending time with his family in his spare time.

Rob Winslow- Sign and Graphics Division Manager

Rob Winslow has a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from Montana State University-Bozeman. D.E. Gemmill has the pleasure of employing him as our Sign Division Manager for the last 7 years. Rob reviews all of our order details, files and other documentation to ensure all requirements are clear and accurate before production. He also preforms all the finishing activities such as laminating, trimming, encapsulating, and mounting of printed pieces. Rob implements quality assurance measures pre and post production to ensure our customers are satisfied with their end product. You will find Rob doing home improvement projects, fishing or spending time with his family is his spare time.

Bob Yancey- Safety Store Manager

Bob comes to us with more than thirty years in customer service in his resume. He has extensive knowledge in many spectrums of the construction industry and we are glad that he is part of the team. He can answer your question about signage as well as all the other aspects of our business. Bob enjoys camping, gardening and has been a volunteer fireman for over 16 years.

Jason Ream- Outside Retail Sales

Jason started out working in our retail store as a sales associate. He quickly became a wonderful salesperson for our retail division, so we happily promoted him to an outside sales representative. Jason has many years of sales and customer service experience. You can find Jason spending time with his wife and 2 kids, eating out, watching and playing sports or cooking in his spare time. 

Mike Reinhardt- SOS Sales Rep

Mike worked for UTZ as a route salesman for 16 years, we hired Mike to be our new route salesman selling and promoting our mobile safety division or Safety on Site (SOS). He is a US Army Veteran, who has 2 kids and 2 grandkids. Trivia is one of his hobbies and he also enjoys comic books.

Corey Semerad- Retail Sales Associate

Corey spent 20 years prior to D.E. Gemmill working as a restaurant manager. He currently oversees our retail locations merchandise/new inventory and inside sales. In his free time, he enjoys watching & playing baseball. Go Orioles! He lives in York with his fiancé Ashley and his 2 dogs. He is looking forward to building a great career at D.E. Gemmill.

Tammy Gemmill- Executive Assistant

Tammy has been D.E. Gemmill’s executive assistant for 5 years. She handles all of our extremely important office duties such as Employee Payroll, Job Contracts, Receiving, Accounting, as well as receiving our company’s incoming calls. In her spare time you find her on the farm and spending time with her animals.

Joanne Gladfelter- Receptionist

Joanne brings over 35 years of office experience, both in non-profit and for-profit sectors.  In her spare time, you can find her reading, cooking or quilting.  She is happily married and has one son, who is a Freshman at West Chester University.