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Safety outwear jackets in yellow and black

Hi-Vis Outer Wear for Sale

As with any high-demand application, road maintenance and construction projects can pose safety risks to workers in the area. It’s important to make sure you and any other operators on your team have the gear you need to stay visible in the toughest conditions. If you’re working on roads near heavy-traffic areas or you’re using large pieces of equipment to do a job, you can use hi-vis jackets to stand out on the project site.

D.E. Gemmill hi-vis outerwear is designed to protect workers from the elements while ensuring that they’re easy to spot. Our inventory has a wide variety of options to choose from.

Our Inventory of High-Vis Jackets and Other Gear

At D.E. Gemmill, we have all types of equipment and gear for road and construction projects. Serving small and large-scale teams alike, we help business leaders and operators prioritize safety on job sites. Hi-vis outwear we have for sale includes:


  • Jackets: In poorly lit conditions, our bright jackets and parkas provide the visibility you need. Some of our jackets even come with fire-resistant materials to keep you safe during high-risk projects.
  • Gloves: In addition to helping you stay visible with bright yellow and green designs, many of our gloves are reinforced with insulation to protect your hands in cold weather. We also offer adjustable gloves that can fit multiple hand sizes.
  • Rainwear: With our reflective rain jackets and pants, you can stay dry in wet conditions and overcome reduced visibility challenges. We’ll help you maximize productivity and job site safety by offering high-performance gear that suits your needs and workers.


Increase Safety With D.E. Gemmill Hi-Vis Gear

When you’re working during low-light hours or under cloudy conditions, visibility often becomes less reliable. Oncoming traffic and heavy machine operators may have a harder time seeing exposed workers on the sides of roads and out on the job site. This can present massive safety hazards, leading to productivity issues and accidents.

D.E. Gemmill hi-vis safety jackets for sale reduce these risks, offering reflective properties that make workers easier to see. Even on cloudy, dreary days, our gear can help increase visibility and keep your workers safe. 

We have equipment available in multiple sizes, so you can order gear that fits all your operators properly. Our hi-vis jackets are also comfortable and easy to put on, making them ideal for heavy-duty work in demanding job site conditions. As a provider of the highest-quality outerwear solutions and resources, we keep your road projects up and running at full speed and effectiveness every day.

Browse Our Selection to Find What You Need

If you’re looking for reliable high-vis jackets that will support your heavy road and construction applications, you can find the right piece of gear in our inventory. You can reach out to us at any time if you have questions about the types of gear we offer. When you’re ready to place an order, browse through our selection and place the equipment in your cart!