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Stop/Slow Paddles

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Stop and Slow Paddles for Construction

Road construction can be a tedious process for drivers thanks to traffic delays and detours. The good news is that stop and slow paddles can make the process run just a little bit more smoothly for both drivers and workers. 

If you’re starting a road project, having the proper safety equipment and gear is essential. Stop and slow paddles for construction play an important role in helping you direct traffic — especially if you have a lane closed for maintenance. Our selection of paddles will protect your workers while keeping oncoming traffic in line.

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D.E. Gemmill serves as a reliable source of safety equipment for both small and large construction projects. Whether you’re doing nearby utility work or you’re tearing up a road for revitalization, we will provide a solution that keeps your operators safe and prevents major traffic delays. You can expedite project operations today with the help of our roll-up and rigid stop/slow paddles. 

Our stop/slow paddles for construction applications are durable and easy to use, which makes them perfect for the harsh conditions of outdoor roadwork. Bright red and orange colors make our signs easily visible on dark or cloudy days, and all our models are designed to comply with essential MUTCD specifications.

When you browse through our inventory, you can choose from multiple options, including our rigid and roll-up paddles. While our rigid signs have spring buttons that allow you to easily deploy and store them, our roll-up products disassemble and fit right into the included storage bag. These signs are easy to rotate, allowing workers to switch between “stop” and “slow” seamlessly. This makes their jobs easier and allows drivers to move through the area at a faster pace.

Benefits of Our Stop and Slow Paddles

D.E. Gemmill stop/slow paddles are convenient and versatile, giving you more control over your construction job sites. High-traffic roads can be hectic, and it’s important to make sure every driver is informed about where and when to go during work hours. Stop/slow paddles help keep traffic from stopping completely while preventing collisions on narrow roadways. By practicing effective communication between both workers and drivers, you can complete your project faster — and reduce the burden of accidents and delays!

We make sure all our equipment is up to date with industry standards, and we keep our signs light so your workers can handle them without expending extra energy. With high-quality traffic control equipment, you can facilitate construction projects more safely and efficiently.

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At D.E. Gemmill, we have more than 30 years of experience working with safety equipment and gear for the road and construction industries. Traffic control is one of the most critical components of maintaining safety on your job site, so check out our full selection of stop and slow paddles to learn more about our options. If you’re looking for D.E. Gemmill support or additional details, give us a quick call or contact us online.