Safety Barriers in Pennsylvania & Beyond

Safety Barriers in Pennsylvania & Beyond

At D.E. Gemmill we supply traffic barricade and safety barriers for workers in construction sites, to redirect traffic and keep pedestrians safe. We provide the best pricing possible from everything from a-frame barricades, water filled barriers, channelizers, cone bars and drums which can increase traffic safety and crowd control. Our safety barrier products make protection and control both simpler and economical and our safety products meet MUTCD requirements and OSHA’s safety standards.

Water Filled Barriers

Water filled Barriers are constructed with high-quality plastic, making it lightweight when empty but provides excellent stability and energy absorption when filled with water. These types of barriers are highly durable and resistant to splitting, cracking, and deterioration even in inclement weather. Water filled barriers are a great alternative to traditional barricades because they provide energy absorption for oncoming traffic in a way that also provides increased safety for both drivers and workers.

Water Filled barriers have served our customers in various situations, including:

  • Construction Areas
  • Works Zones
  • Crowd Control
  • Temporary Road Blocks
  • Public Works Projects
  • Special Events/Sporting Events
  • Traffic Channelizing
  • Road or Walkway Closures
  • Indoor and outdoor safety barriers for industrial plants or warehouses

A-Frame Barricades

A-frame barricades are the most common type of barricade. A barricade is a portable or fixed system having 3 rails with proper reflectivity and is used to control road users by closing, limiting, or diverting oncoming traffic from a particular area.  Not only are they the perfect solution for pedestrian foot traffic, depending on your need and the A-Frame Barricade you use, but you can also set these barriers in streets for road construction and blocking off entry points around construction zones. Since these A-Frame Barricades are easy to move and assemble, your crew can quickly set and remove the barriers as needed. You can restrict accessibility to a location, either temporarily or long term with A-Frame Barricade. A-Frame Barricades feature an attachment hole to mount one of our barricade lights for added visibility and protection. The strong legs have mounting holes to accommodate many different boards, planks, and rails.

Folding Type 1 Barricades

Type 1 barricades are robust, lightweight, easy-to-manage and 100% recyclable. These are created from sturdy, impact-resistant polyethylene, and are certified to meet NCHRP 350 and MUTCD standards. Folding barricades make it simple to set up restricted areas around events and job-sites rapidly. This means that your crews can accomplish their tasks quickly and safely without needing to take extended periods of time of time to set up these traffic barricades.

Type 2 Barricades

According to Section 6F.68 of the MUTCD, Type 2 barricades are used on freeways and high-speed roadways. But generally, traffic barricades can be used in various crowd and traffic control situations either in construction, roadwork, emergency or accident areas, to cite a few examples. Type 2 barricades also could be used alone or in groups to serve as a series for channelizing road users.

Type 3 Barricades

Type 3 barricades are usually used in expressways and road closings due to their greater visibility and size. Use MUTCD compliant Type 3 barricades to control traffic and help keep your people safe from accidents.

Cone Bar

Cone bars are a retractable bar made out of durable ABS plastic and is then wrapped in reflective sheeting for night time visibility. Cone bars are easily carried or transported and are an inexpensive barrier that can be set up in less than 1 minute. Each end of the retractable bar has a rugged loop that easily drops over any traffic cones and delineator posts. Cone bars are extremely versatile and are perfect for use in road trench, utility works use, construction sites, parking lots, pedestrian areas and around hazardous or controlled areas.


Channelizers or traffic drums increase driver awareness of potential hazards or irregularities in the roadway caused by construction or maintenance activities. They serve to direct both drivers and pedestrians past problem areas, and alert drivers of oncoming roadwork. Channelizers are tested and assured to meet or exceed standards set by the Federal Highway Administration. 

If you have questions about any of our safety barriers or barricades for sale or rent or additional options you may not see listed above please feel free to call our office 717-755-9794 and one of our friendly employees would be happy to help.