6′ Dual Leg Elastic Shock Absorbing Web Lanyard


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The French Creek Stretch Lanyard with rebar hooks stretches from 4.5′ to 6′ to minimize tripping hazards, features dual legs for 100% tie off, and has a shock pack at both ends for fall arrest applications.

  • FrenchCreek dual leg (100% tie-off) elastic shock absorbing lanyards are constructed of 1-3/16″ high strength synthetic webbing
  • They stretch to 6′ yet contract to 4-1/2′, minimizing snagging and tripping hazards
  • When Mobility and Safety are Equally Important
  • FrenchCreek dual leg lanyards allow you to remain tied off at all times (100% tie-off) while in transition to other locations or positions
  • This dual-leg tubular-elastic web lanyard with shock absorbing pack limits fall arrest forces to 900 lbs. When tested to OSHA and ANSI standards
  • Choose the lanyard combination that is right for you and the needs of your job, Because your life is on the line!

Please inquire about snap hook combinations that may not be listed or pictured, or for lengths other than the standard 6′. 


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Weight 5.7 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4.5 in