Women's Safety Vests With Pockets

Women's Safety Vests With Pockets

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As any woman in the construction workforce knows, traditional vests for men do not provide the same safety, support or comfort as clothing designed for women. D.E. Gemmill understands that properly crafted vests can make a significant difference in safety for females working around vehicles across industries. 

We provide vests in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose the best fit for your workers to match their preferences and work environment. 

Our Vest Options for Women

D.E. Gemmill has a selection of vests designed to provide comfort and convenience for sizes small to 2X. Without the proper fit, baggy or ill-fitting vests can threaten safety if any extra fabric becomes caught on machinery. Our vests are designed with protection in mind, and all come with breakaway options in case the worker should become trapped. 

We also offer various types of vests for the needs of different jobs. D.E. Gemmill has options from simple vests with no pockets to survey vests with more than six pockets. Our vests’ specialized pockets can store everything from spray paint cans to tools and electronic devices. 

Whatever your unique situation, we have an option to match the needs of your female employees. 

Safety Regulations for Construction Vests

D.E. Gemmill knows that proper safety vests can help reduce accidents on roadways. That’s why we provide vests fitted for women with several products designed to meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Class 2 requirements.  

Class 2 vests accommodate employees who work near oncoming traffic that moves at speeds under 50 mph, day or night. The jackets use a “Hi-Vis” design with a minimum of 201 square inches of reflective tape and 775 square inches of light-catching material to help workers stand out in low-visibility environments. 

In the past, only specific colors like green and orange could serve as a reflective surface, but there are now variations that include pink as an option for the female workforce. 

At D.E. Gemmill, our collection of women’s vests follows the proper safety guidelines to safeguard your female workforce and offer them comfort in design. 

Shop Our Selection of Vests

Ready to find out more about women’s safety vests? D.E. Gemmill has an experienced service team available to help you find the ideal match for your workers. 

Fill out a contact form for questions, give us a call at 866-755-9794 or browse our selection above to find the perfect vests for your company today.