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Hi-Visibility Women’s Safety Outerwear

In industries populated by men, stand out with outdoor safety gear tailored for a woman’s fit. Leave bulky men’s equipment aside for quality ANSI-compliant jackets, vests and gloves designed for keeping you safe while complementing your figure. Protect yourself and meet workplace requirements with bright, hi-visibility safety outerwear intended for women. Browse our collection to find the right gear for you.

The Importance of Hi-Visibility Safety Gear for Women

Women work hard and deserve just as much protection and visibility as men. Across industries, they perform vital roles. On the highway, construction sites, the dockyards and more, women work in hazardous environments with powerful tools and heavy equipment. Day or night, in sunny skies and during extreme weather, hi-vis safety equipment is an essential safety component for preventing accidents and reducing injury.

Improved Safety

Hi-visibility women’s outerwear is reflective, bright and easily noticed for improved site safety and reduced risk of personal injury. On many job sites, reflective outerwear is often a requirement for anyone on the premises. Rather than wearing a borrowed men’s jacket or vest, meet all the necessary safety requirements with reflective safety outerwear made for your figure.

Reduced Accidents

Our hi-visibility women’s outerwear will let you shine — literally. Ensure passing motorists, equipment operators and anyone working in proximity see you early, reducing your risk of facing accidents and serious injury. There is no substitute for feeling safe at work.

For employers, providing reflective gear makes good business sense. A decrease in workplace accidents can lead to reductions in employer liability costs, increasing profitability.

How It Works

Stay bright, day or night. Our collection of fluorescent, hi-vis women’s outerwear reflects the sun’s rays during the day for improved visibility. At night, stay visible to motorists and other workers with reflective strips, which are sewn to our fitted soft shell safety jacket, vests and women’s work gloves. Hi-vis clothing works in the rain, snow and all types of weather thanks to:

  • Bright colors: Hi-vis clothing is made from colorful fluorescent materials for better visibility over long distances is virtually any environment. Underground, outdoors, in warehouses and elsewhere, bright safety clothing stands out, keeping you safe and helping to locate workers on the job site.
  • Reflective strips: Our women’s safety outerwear includes bright, retro-reflective strips of tape — special reflective material designed for mirroring light back toward its source. Approaching drivers will see their headlights reflected straight back toward their eyes, noticing you sooner and avoiding a potential collision.

24-Hour Protection

Fluorescent colors are attractive and offer improved daytime visibility. Fluorescent retro-reflective strips work best in low-light conditions and rough weather. The right safety clothing combines both of these properties for improved protection 24 hours a day. Depending on the item, our collection of women’s safety and hi-vis outerwear is available in fluorescent pink and yellow. Each piece of hi-vis outerwear includes silver strips of retro-reflective tape that’s visible from all angles.

When Do You Need Hi-Vis Outerwear?

Hi-vis outerwear has countless applications spanning many industries. For safety and compliance with regulations, it’s a safe practice to outfit every person on-site with hi-visibility outerwear they feel comfortable moving in every time. Hi-vis clothing saves lives — use it for:

  • Better visibility: Jobs with poor lighting and work after sunset
  • Safer environments: Work near vehicle traffic and heavy equipment
  • Worker identification: Sites requiring improved worker visibility
  • Injury prevention: Any jobs where hi-vis clothing can prevent injury

The Benefits of Hi-Vis Clothing Made for Women

For professional use or personal safety, having the right equipment matters. Wearing men’s gear may work in a pinch, but you’ll pay the price in comfort and the effectiveness of your equipment. Wearing safety gear tailored to a woman’s figure will be more comfortable, allowing better visibility and mobility and encouraging repeated use. Our collection of women’s safety and hi-vis equipment offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased protection from the elements: Stay ahead of the weather. Our women’s hi-vis work jacket will protect you from the sun, rain and anything else nature can throw at you. A fleece lining adds a layer of warmth, and zipper pockets offer a retreat from the cold. Stay visible on the road, at work and in any other place where safety is a priority. Our women’s mechanics gloves will protect your hands and increase your visibility. They’re available with bright pink trim or in highly visible fluorescent pink.
  • Better comfort with a woman’s fit: We make women’s outerwear for a woman’s body. Our women’s hi-vis work jacket, class 2 mesh vest and pink ladies safety vests are cut for curves, hugging the natural shape of a woman. Get a better fit and achieve more comfort with clothing made for the female figure. More than extra comfort, a proper fit helps to keep the wearer safe, eliminating many potential hazards created by loose or baggy clothing. A better fit makes safety comfortable, encouraging more wear.
  • More productivity with hi-vis women’s outerwear: Achieve higher productivity with your comfort and safety under control by trusting our line of women’s hi-vis safety clothing. With the right gear on, spend more time focusing on the project at hand. Our reflective clothing offers warmth in the cold, protection from the rain and a sense of security. For employers, outfit your workforce in the right safety clothing and accomplish more in less time for a minimal investment.

Shop Hi-Visibility Women’s Safety Outerwear Online

At D.E. Gemmell Inc., we’re contractors too, and we take safety seriously. Our collection of women’s hi-vis safety outerwear ensures that everyone has comfortable, capable safety equipment they’ll feel good using. All of our women’s outerwear is made to last, with superior protection from the elements and improved resistance to wear. We make safety affordable for everyone with competitive pricing and free shipping for qualified first-time orders.

We also ship online orders fast, keeping projects on schedule with rapid delivery directly to construction sites, warehouses and more. Product customization is available for bulk orders. If you’re ready to increase your company’s standards, send us a message for bulk pricing, product assistance and shipping options. For more information or to speak with someone about customization for bulk orders, give us a call at (866) 755-9794) today.