Epoxy Pavement Markings in Central PA & the Surrounding Areas

Epoxy Pavement Markings in Central PA & the Surrounding Areas

Epoxy pavement markings are durable traffic paints first introduced in theĀ 1970sĀ and designed for use in high traffic volume areas where extended service life is desirable. Epoxy is a slow drying, two-component material applied with a 2:1 ratio with the converter using a specialty designed airless application. Epoxy pavement markings are durable markings recognized for exceptional durability on asphalt and concrete surfaces alike. This exceptional durability is a result of tight bonding to the asphalt surface that results from the chemical reaction that occurs when the two components are mixed.

Epoxy one of the economical traffic marking materials on the market today and research has shown epoxy paints are generally less sensitive to application factors than thermoplastic materials. With that being said, Epoxy has exceptional durability under many different road conditions and can provide the highest level of wet night reflectivity. Due to the longevity of the epoxy pavementĀ markings,Ā you reduce the potential hazards to the traveling public by eliminating the need to restripe the markings on a yearly basis.

Epoxy is intended for use as highway and auxiliary markings (stopbars, crosswalks, legends, etc.) They have excellent adhesion to both concrete and bituminous surfaces with good abrasion resistance. Epoxies can be applied at surface temperatures as low as 35Ā°F and when pavement surfaces are slightly wet. On low-mid-volume roadways, epoxies have been known to provide service lives in excess of four years. Epoxies require proper cleaning of the pavement surface to achieve the best bond. Application of a primer material is not necessary on any roadway surface. Epoxies are often applied at thicknesses of 15 mils.

Typical Epoxy Pavement Marking Applications:

  • Pedestrian Crosswalks
  • Pedestrian Legends/Markings
  • Stop Bars
  • Arrow Legends
  • Highway Legends
  • Gore Markings
  • Short Line Intersection Markings
  • Parking Lots

Short Line and Long Line Pavement Paint Applications

Epoxy pavement markings can be used for both short and long line paint applications:

  • Long line: These are the long lines that appear on vast stretches of highways, freeways, streets and other roadways that run for miles at a time. They might be a solid or a dashed line. Such lines do not require any handpainting. They can all be done through a truck that paints the lines continuously.
  • Short line: Anything that can’t be performed by a long line truck is considered short line application. Often this requires painting by hand of specialized symbols, such as arrow legends or stop bars.

Both applications rely on high-quality epoxy for long-term usage. Eliminating the need for constant reapplication by using better materials means less road maintenance, too.

Long Line Pavement Paint Applications

Long line applications are also referred to as longitudinal. For long line applications, trucks apply the paint using a pressurized system that can spray up to 3 feet or so wide. The epoxy is heated before being applied to the asphalt. Long line applications include:

  • Highway striping
  • Smaller urban and rural roads
  • Airport runways
  • Lanes in parking lots
  • Shoulders on highways

The benefits of using long line pavement paint include the ability to mark long stretches of road and highway quickly and efficiently. The line driver can work on intersections and in parking lots.

Short Line Pavement Paint Applications

Short line applications are also referred to as transverse. Sometimes trucks apply the paint, but it’s also done by hand when greater detail is necessary. You can find these applications in a variety of streets, driveways and parking lots, with applications including:

  • Merge lane arrows
  • Speed limits written on roads, such as “15 mph” in a school zone
  • “Stop” before a stop sign that’s obscured from the driver’s view
  • Triangles or other markers on top of speedbumps
  • Left- or right-hand turn arrows

The benefits of using short line pavement paint include the ability to create finer details. It works on shorter areas and anywhere you need a shape with curves, such as circles, letters or numbers.

The Benefits of Epoxy Pavement Markings

Pavement marking requires precision and care, but if you do it with the wrong material, even the most careful application won’t last. Using the highest quality of paint available leads to better, longer-lasting results. Here are three benefits to choosing epoxy pavement markings:

  • Outstanding longevity: You can go years without having to reapply epoxy
  • Excellent durability: All pavement markings have to endure wear and tear as a part of the job, but epoxy withstands it better than other materials
  • Low hassle: You don’t have to use primer before applying epoxy, eliminating a time-consuming step

When you begin using epoxy on your roadways, you will see a difference in quality and durability.

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