Architectural & Decorative Bollards in the Mid-Atlantic

Architectural or decorative bollards make for better impressions and are used to enhance or beautify the property on which they are placed. You will usually find them standing away from buildings, around perimeters, near entrances, or along approaching pathways. Decorative chains are often seen along pathways or sidewalks to create a more scenic setting to the property. You can select from various types of ornamental bollards and bollard covers in a range of decorative styles which can also fit into any historic or modern property settings.

Architectural & Decorative Bollard Uses:

  • Hitching posts for carriages or horses
  • Bicycle Bollard- used as a place to lock up your bicycle
  • Pedestrian path guides
  • Vehicular traffic control
  • Green and Urban Environments
  • Landscaping or courtyard- architectural design enhancements