Protective & Security Bollards in Pennsylvania and Maryland

Many Protective or Security Bollards are made of either round steel piping or square steel tubing. Pipe or tube bollards typically have a foundation and are filled with concrete and finished with a concrete cap. Many times the finished bollard is painted or has a plastic cover or sleeve placed over them to reduce future maintenance and to enhance aesthetics.

Round steel pipe bollards are often used to protect utilities, buildings, pedestrians and signs from damage by motor vehicle traffic. Many municipalities or government entities require pipe bollards to be installed in the area of utilities at commercial buildings to protect against damage.

Square tubing bollards are often used in industrial settings where they can be concreted into the industrial surface, or have a metal plate welded on the bottom and can be lagged or bolted to a floor to machinery equipment or products. These bollards are usually painted yellow to warn people of a safety concern or area. In an industrial setting these bollards will have a steel railing welded between them to create a barrier or a guard rail system within the facility.