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If you’re in construction, transportation, EMS or similar industries, your team will benefit from a pair of work gloves. Whether you need to direct traffic at a construction site or send vehicles around an accident, high-visibility gloves can help provide you with the necessary protection to complete the job effectively.

Benefits of Gloves

Whether you are directing traffic or need gloves for some other reason, these products are protective and beneficial. At D.E. Gemmill Inc., we sell five different types of gloves that work for various industries. One of the most significant aspects of these gloves is their high-visibility feature.

When you use high-visibility gloves, you are easier to spot. While this is especially helpful after sundown, motorists or pedestrians will see you and respond to your commands better at any time. Drivers are also more likely to react how you want them to, increasing safety at your job site or emergency response zone.

Another useful feature of the gloves sold at D.E. Gemmill Inc. is the protection they provide for your hands. Gloves provide a barrier between your hands and other items you may be using during your workday. They also help protect against weather conditions. If you are working in traffic control, you might experience both extremely cold temperatures or heavy rains. At D.E. Gemmill Inc., you can purchase waterproof, insulated or standard gloves to meet any conditions you typically work in.

Features and Specifications

We offer Northern Exposure gloves that have a waterproof membrane and winter lining. These gloves also come with rubber patches on the fingers and palms for better gripping. They are available in sizes small to 3X and are come in green and black.

Our Scotchlite super duty gloves have a waterproof insert, insulation and cuff for greater protection from cold weather. They weigh a total of 5 lbs and are available in green and black. We carry sizes x-small through 2X.

Kinco Pigskin safety gloves are another viable choice for traffic control and other applications. The fingertips and palms of these gloves are made from genuine leather. There is a mesh orange backing with a yellow reflective line to provide greater visibility features. These gloves are available from sizes small to XL.

Each of the gloves we carry at D.E. Gemmill Inc. work in numerous applications. These gloves are beneficial for traffic control, construction work, and first responder situations.

Traffic Control Gloves From D.E. Gemmill Inc.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we can help you find the high-visibility clothing you need for traffic control and other jobs. D.E. Gemmill Inc. provides services throughout all of Pennsylvania and some in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. The products we sell meet ANSI safety guidelines to ensure your workers are well-taken care of on the job.

We pride ourselves on high-quality materials and service, and we have expedited turnaround times. Please message us online today if you’d like assistance finding the right traffic control gloves for your operation. Take a look at our selection above to learn more about the gloves we offer.