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Blocking off a work zone or hazardous area is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of workers, drivers and pedestrians. Portable and easy to maneuver, traffic cones and delineators are the natural choice for accomplishing this goal, especially since they can be fitted with clip-on signs clearly indicating safer paths for travelers.

Made with engineer-grade reflective sheeting for maximum visibility, traffic cone signs are easy to distinguish and provide an unmistakable marker indicating the flow of traffic. When you need to designate an island with travelers allowed to pass on either side, this reflective traffic cone sign with a double-sided arrow will quickly identify the area that must be avoided and how passers-by might move around it.

Made from rugged, vivid orange ABS plastic, this single-sided sign offers generous dimensions of 12.75 inches long and 10.5 inches wide. This durable material is imbued with UV protection to provide a long service life even when exposed to sun, rain and other damaging elements.

Buy Double Arrow Traffic Cone Signs With Clip-On Capability

Our reflective traffic cone signs are easy to install on any cone, delineator or barrel, turning these traffic control devices into temporary portable signs in just seconds. When you need to establish boundaries quickly, a reflective traffic cone sign with a double-sided arrow will slip onto an existing traffic management device and immediately begin providing highly visible direction.

Since traffic cone signs are portable and reusable, they’re ideal for temporarily blocking off parking lots, managing special events and maintaining safety at rapidly changing construction sites. They also make excellent supplementary warnings to reinforce existing signage.

If you need to buy a double arrow traffic cone sign that quickly makes your message known, you came to the right place. D.E. Gemmill began with asphalt services before offering safety equipment, so we know how important it is to have access to quality protective gear on your job site. Call us at 717-747-1391 or visit the store today to learn more about our products or browse our selection of industry-leading signage and safety equipment.

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