Arrow Left Single Sided Engineer Reflective Cone Sign


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It’s often easier to create a safe environment by telling people where to go rather than where to avoid. Adding directional reinforcement in the form of traffic cone signs is an excellent way to keep traffic moving away from job sites and toward safe areas while using your existing equipment.

If you’re looking to buy traffic cone signs online, you’ll find that D.E. Gemmill offers some of the highest quality signage on the market. Made with all-weather, UV-resistant ABS plastic, these left arrow traffic control signs use a deep black arrow on a bright orange field measuring 12.75 inches long by 10.5 inches wide. This unmistakable combination is complemented by a layer of rugged engineer-grade reflective sheeting for exceptional visibility at all hours.

In conjunction with right arrows and other legends, these reflective left arrow traffic cone signs are ideal for marking temporary paths and supplementing or filling gaps in existing signage. Their lightweight portability and reusable design make these handy traffic control tools extremely valuable to rapidly changing and complex work zones.

Create an Agile Job Site by Buying Reflective Cone Signs

D.E. Gemmill reflective traffic cone signs use a clip-on attachment design, allowing them to slip onto any traffic delineator, barrel or cone. With a small investment in these portable, lightweight signs, your current traffic control devices will gain the ability to direct traffic rather than just causing travelers to hesitate, cutting confusion around your work area and maintaining an orderly flow.

When D.E. Gemmill began providing asphalt services in 1986, we gained a strong understanding of the importance of high-quality, versatile safety equipment. These reflective left arrow cone signs will add new utility to your traffic cones, keeping workers safer and stretching your equipment budget.

To learn more about D.E. Gemmill products or services, call us at 717-747-1391 or drop by our convenient retail store. We have what you need to keep roads safe and keep traffic moving.

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