Double Arrow Down Left/Right Single Sided Engineer Reflective Cone Sign


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Portable signage is invaluable to event coordinators, road workers and other engineers who need flexible, temporary traffic control. Devices such as cones and delineators lend themselves readily to this purpose, but telling people where not to go is rarely as helpful as directing them to their desired destination. With clip-on reflective traffic cone signs, you can add this capability to your existing traffic tools in just seconds.

Buying a traffic cone sign with double downward arrows is an excellent way to direct travelers through areas with multiple levels. Ideal for stadiums, subways and other complex venues, a reflective cone sign with left-right down arrows will help people reach their destination. Measuring 12.75 inches long by 10.5 inches wide, this single-sided traffic cone sign ensures the visibility of its two downward arrows with recognizable, high-contrast black and orange for unmistakable direction.

D.E. Gemmill traffic cone signs are made with durable, UV-resistant ABS plastic, allowing them to withstand harsh elements and prolonged outdoor use. They’re also coated with sturdy engineer-grade reflective sheeting for high visibility in any lighting condition.

Buy a Double Arrow Down Traffic Cone Sign and Make Destinations Clear

With their simple clip-on construction, our reflective traffic cone signs are a quick, portable way to get people where they need to be. Simply slide the clip onto an existing traffic delineator, cone or barrel, and this sign’s two downward arrows will have crowds navigating stairs and multi-level paths with ease.

Since clip-on signs are temporary and reusable, they make incredibly adaptable traffic guides and can be reconfigured at a moment’s notice should a situation change. With a minimal investment, a clip-on reflective traffic sign will allow you to obtain the maximum benefit of your traffic cones and delineators.

D.E. Gemmill has been providing road services since 1986, so we understand the value of quality products that make job sites safer for our workers and our community. If you want to learn more about our safety and traffic control products, drop by the store or give us a call at 717-747-1391.

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