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slow down and move over when passing the scene of a traffic incident

Why Move Over?……… It’s the Law and You May Save a Life!

Have you heard of the Move-Over Law? If you haven’t you are not alone. Although all fifty states have some variation of the Move-Over Law many motorists still have not heard of it. Though each state varies on wording and …

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school zone safety signs installed by d.e. gemmill

Improving Safety in School Zones

Each year the United States, around 100 children are killed on their commute to-and-from-school. What’s even more shocking is that the National Highway Transportation Safety Authority reported that 25,000 students are injured from accidents within school zones. There was a …

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Are you Hiring a Professional & Reputable Pavement Marking & Maintenance Company?

What is your criteria for a pavement marking and maintenance firm? Are you shopping for the cheapest price or a professional who will deliver a product that meets the specifications and provides a job that will last the duration of …

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Safety Apparel Buying Guide: Understanding High-Visibility Requirements for Construction and More

High visibility clothing provides one more way of keeping you safe on the job. These garments protect you from collisions involving vehicles passing by the worksite as well as on-site equipment. It’s essential to understand the definition of high visibility …

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Bollard Installation Guide

Bollards control traffic to protect vehicles, workers, pedestrians and buildings from danger. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of bollards and barriers. Consulting with a professional and considering why you will be using the bollards will …

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