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Differences Between Hard Hats and Construction Helmets

While investing in head protection is a no-brainer for construction companies, choosing the correct gear type can be challenging. There are two primary types of protective head equipment — hard hats and construction helmets. Though these terms are often used …

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A New Generation of Head Protection: Are Helmets Replacing Hard Hats?

A New Generation of Head Protection: Are Hard Hats Being Replaced with Helmets?

A new generation of head protection is now available at D.E. Gemmill’s retail location in York, PA. For over 60 years, hard hats construction went hand and …

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What Is FR Clothing? Your Guide to Flame-Resistant Clothing

Many nuances and requirements surround FR clothing. Do you need flame-resistant or flame-retardant clothing? Maybe your supervisor has told you that you’ll need to wear flame-resistant clothing at a new job you’re starting. Whatever the case, you suddenly have reason …

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How to Practice Work Zone Safety

Traffic accidents are the biggest threat to workers in roadway work zones. In honor of Work Zone Awareness Week, which took place April 20-24, we’ve rounded up the most crucial safety measures and tips to keep workers and road users …

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17 Summer Safety Tips for Construction: Keep Your Team Safe in the Heat

The blisteringly hot temperatures of summer are hard on all of us, but especially for those working in construction. In the mid-Atlantic regions of PA, DE, MD and NJ, the humidity can often rise to 90 percent, creating an even …

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