Nightstick Multi Function Headlamp




These non-rechargeable multi-function headlamps feature a multi-position tilt head design and include an elastic head strap with a non-slip lining. These headlamps combine a tight-beam long-throw spotlight, with a wide-beam close area floodlight. The high and low-brightness spotlight beams on these headlamps and?are designed for distance illumination. These headlamps also have three wide-beam floodlight settings_white, red and green. The floodlight spreads out in a wide even pattern of light expressly for the purpose of providing illumination of areas that are close by. The top mounted dual switches provide high/low-brightness spotlight and white/red/green floodlight selections.

Size Dimensions:?Vary depending on Model Number

Additional information

Additional InformationAdditional Information Description
Weight 0.23 lbs

NSP4602, NSP4604, NSP4608B, NSP4610B, NSP4612B


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