Engineer-Grade Reflective Traffic Cone Sign: Caution, Single-Sided


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Portable traffic devices such as cones and delineators are an excellent way to establish the boundaries of a hazardous area. However, when a work zone requires extra care to ensure the safety of workers and travelers, adding a supplemental message using a reflective caution cone sign can multiply the attention-grabbing power of these tools.

You can buy reflective traffic cone signs to indicate the need for caution, lay out detours or clarify pedestrian paths. D.E. Gemmill traffic cone signs are constructed with sturdy ABS plastic for a long life in demanding outdoor applications. Measuring 12.75 inches long by 10.5 inches wide, this single-sided reflective caution traffic cone sign uses high-contrast black and safety orange for readability. It also has a coating of engineer-grade reflective sheeting to ensure that it can be seen in low light.

Whenever you need to emphasize the need for caution, a reflective traffic cone sign with clip-on capability is an excellent way to use your existing traffic control devices to make the message clear.

Buy Caution Traffic Cones Online for a Well-Prepared Job Site

In a clip-on style, caution cone signs will attach to existing traffic delineators, cones and barrels in seconds. These signs are lightweight, portable and easy to store, allowing you to create temporary signage whenever and wherever you need it. With the right collection of reflective traffic cone signs, you’ll have a ready supply of messaging tools that will immediately enhance the safety of your job sites.

D.E. Gemmill started as a roadwork company, so we know that working conditions can change in an instant. That’s why we make it easy for companies to buy reflective caution cone signs that work with their existing equipment, and we offer an extensive selection of other safety gear designed to protect everyone on the road. For more information on our products or services, give us a call at 717-747-1391, contact us online or visit our retail location.

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