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Sixth Sense by ILLUMAGEAR is a personal voltage, current and fall detector. It is designed to fit on any hard hat via the hard hat clip or integrated with our Illumagears’s Flagship product, HALO SL, via the included port. This device alerts users when they approach an electrified source via an onboard sensor that detects electromagnetic fields. It provides an extra level of safety for personnel trained in the use and application while working on or near high voltage systems

Sixth Sense’s Visible and Audible Alerts
When used properly, Sixth Sense can provide a critical warning to those working in dangerous electrical environments, possibly preventing serious injury or even death. Sixth Sense’s visible and audible alerts provide the user an early warning of the presence of a high voltage source, which allows the user to take the precautions necessary to avoid contact with dangerous energized equipment. If no high voltage
source is being detected Sixth Sense is silent. As the user first enters an electromagnetic field, Sixth Sense will beep slowly and show a yellow alert. If the user continues to approach the high voltage source, Sixth Sense will beep faster, continuing to flash yellow, until it shows a red alert and sounds a full alarm.

Sixth Sense Features:

  • Detects voltage and current
  • Visible and audible alerts
  • Adjustable sensitivity settings
  • Control settings and notifications through ILLUMAGEAR app
  • Crew notifications via visual/audible alert for voltage and current detection
  • Emergency fall notifications via SMS
  • Usable with or without Halo SL
  • Integrates with Halo SL via port
  • Integrates with standard hard hat via replaceable clip
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Trickle charges when connected to Halo SL via port
  • Water resistant
  • Self test mode
  • Battery Life: 74 Hours
  • Charge Time: Under 1 Hour
  • Operating Frequencies: 60HZ & 50 HZ
  • Lightweight at Only 20 Grams
  • Box includes: Sixth Sense, Halo SL port, hard hat clip and usb charger

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