Road Signs, Traffic Control, Pavement Maintenance, & More!

Since 1986, D.E. Gemmill, Inc. started building a professional, efficient and competitive company that continues today. We take pride in providing the most advanced and quality products and services throughout the industry.

Our journey started with pavement markings and maintenance and from there we moved into the commercial, industrial and traffic industry. Our next phase of growth we moved into traffic control rentals and equipment along with work zone and emergency service products. And, when companies wanted to protect their employees, we started supplying safety clothing and apparel. Today, we offer road signs, sweeping and dust control services, decorative pedestrian crossing, interior warehouse, epoxy paint, thermoplastic and more!

Retail Store

Our Retail Store has a wide variety of safety equipment, signs, items for your home and more!


We can help you test your sign visibility, develop a plan and do traffic sign management and assessment to help you meet the compliance dates set forth by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

Pavement Maintenance and Markings

D.E. Gemmill has been a leader in Pavement Maintenance and Pavement Marking Applications for over 25 years.

Traffic Signs

Where ever there is vehicular traffic, pedestrians and freight are moved, controlled or transported, our traffic signs will work for you.

Traffic Control

D.E. Gemmill, Inc has established itself as a leader in the traffic control industry and offers a wide variety of services relating to traffic control devices and products.


Bollards are used to protect, secure or beautify specific areas. They can be used to or incorporated into landscaping, green space and architectural aspects of a project.