KASK Zenith X FR


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The Kask Zenith X FR helmet is an adjustable all around helmet with features including electric shock protection, fire retardant HD crown protection, fire resistant inner padding, and impact protection (side, front, and rear). An adaptive fit system allows for fast, easy, and secure size adjustments, including a self-adjusting technology that moves as the wearer moves.

  • Adjustable Fit
  • Electric Shock Protection
  • Protection Against Side, Front, and Rear Impacts
  • Fire Retardant HD Crown Protection: High-density foam treated to self-extinguish (foam is in conformity with EN13501-1 Class E)
  • Fire Resistant Inner Padding: Does not melt or drip when exposed directly to extreme heat to protect and prevent injury in applications near flames
  • Fire Resistant Chinstrap: Heat-resistant Nomex chinstrap handles temperatures up to 360ºC (680ºF) for short periods. Low flammability, non-melting, self-extinguishing with no flame. Provides chemical resistance against low-strength acids and alkalis
  • Lamp Clips With Earplug Holders
  • Easy Attachment of Face and Eye Protection
  • Earmuff Attachment Slots
  • Click In System: Attachment system allowing for easier replacement and removal. Greatly improves durability of padding
  • Standards: ANSI Z89.1 , EN 12492
  • Lightweight Shell

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 7 in