Temporary Traffic Control

Temporary Traffic Control is the process by which you redirect motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic through or around a work zone. The most important aspect of an effective Temporary Traffic Control Work Zone is the safe and effective movement of people and vehicles while still protecting the workers, equipment and emergency responders to traffic incidents.

Most people think that Temporary Traffic Control is limited to roadway construction zones, however there are many places and many applications for Temporary Traffic Control.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Roadway and highway construction projects
  • Sidewalk and pedestrian walkways
  • Bridge construction and repair projects
  • Emergency accident, fire and medical incidents
  • Waterway Construction and maintenance projects
  • Interior Construction and Remodeling projects, involving redirecting pedestrians
  • Overhead protection and covered walkways to protect pedestrians and vehicle traffic
  • Biking, Rail and Walking Trails
  • Moving Work zones – for Spraying, Mowing, Pavement Marking, Sweeping and any type of slow or moving operation
  • Anywhere that people or vehicles need to be redirected or protected