Signs & Graphics

D.E. Gemmill, Inc. will find the most cost-effective solution for your custom signs, custom banners, and signage needs. Whether it’s vinyl or digital or if we combine both elements together, we will work with you in meeting your goals.

The digital imaging we use employs the latest state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price for maximum exposure.  Our digital imaging technology allows us to create realistic photo images for both generic graphic design projects, specific promotional products, and more.

Learn about the types of custom signs and custom banners D.E. Gemmill can make for you today:

Conventional Vinyl

  • Color-wide variety of colors
  • Typical Usage-used for signs up to 3-colors, economical signs, can look simple, lettering lays on top with adhesive
  • Exterior Durability– (made from polyvinyl chloride (pvc), a resin based plastic that is flexible & waterproof)
  • Durable and potential lifespan of 5-12 years when installed in typical vertical use
  • Preferred by Highway Departments
  • Save $ and Recycle-Vinyl Signage can be recycled; we can remove lettering, symbols, etc., and clean and reapply new vinyl
  • Vinyl has a long history in sign making industry, D.E. Gemmill uses daily

Digital Print

  • Color-gradient of color, colors not standard, or a complex color such as a Pantone Color Match
  • Photographs-any sign with photos embedded needs to go digital due to the thousands if not millions of pixels
  • Cost-Printing Digitally-less expensive than years ago.
  • Combining Digital and Vinyl-able to combine a digital logo with vinyl lettering
  • Long or Short Term Usage-vinyl still outlasts ink, however, our inks are formulated to be used outdoors. To extend the durability, we can sometimes add lamination to extend the lifespan of the sign
  • Unlimited Possibilities-digital signs can look sophisticated and incorporate different elements to reach a different audience or clientele. The digital ink becomes one with the substrate for a polished look, unlike vinyl laying on top with an adhesive