Bollards are used to protect, secure or beautify specific areas. They can be used to or incorporated into landscaping, green space and architectural aspects of a project. Some bollards are used in historical settings as well. There are many various types of bollards depending upon the intended use.

Protective guards are an extension of protective bollards and are to protect areas where a single bollard may not provide the appropriate protection. Protective guards can be fabricated to your specific need. Protective guards can protect machinery, utility panels and product storage areas.

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Types of Bollards

Traffic or Protective Fixed Bollard

Single of series of posts made of various products and various lengths, used for diverting people vehicles into or from specific areas. Most often used to protect buildings, pedestrians, utilities (gas and water meters, electrical panels, fire hydrants) lawn and industrial equipment from the vehicles.

Sign Bollard

Metal or composite encasement used to protect a sign post from vehicle damage

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