Alpha SafeNet Portable Overwatch Device


The Safety Your Team Deserves… The uniquely effective and patented ALPHA OverWatch Highway Safety System is intended to alert highway safety workers, first responders, road construction crews, truckers, and citizen drivers of pending danger from unexpected, oncoming traffic that might cross a configured electronic boundary. The system is designed to communicate with the parties audibly and with additional lighting as desired. This system also has multiple applications including wrong-way driving prevention or traffic counts.

The Alpha SafeNet Portable Overwatch Device configuration is deployed on the roadside at the time of a traffic disruption. When activated, the system will create a straight, invisible, electronic barrier, thus protecting the work zone or traffic incident scene. If this barrier is crossed by a distracted driver, the Overwatch technology will sound a rear-facing horn alarm. If needed, the driver can self-correct and the horn will discontinue. Personnel at the scene will also be alerted of the driving transgression and may quickly take action to escape the danger.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for a variety of safety applications and deployments
  • Utilizes LiDAR laser technology
  • Head removable and stores in unit
  • Sound assembly fully onboard & self-contained within the case
  • Portable & convenient wheels/handle
  • Built-in flashing warning lights – custom color configurations available.
  • 25+ hr onboard, Lithium 12V rechargeable battery
  • Only 35 pounds portable
  • Audibly alert the distracted driver
  • Audibly alert the site personnel
  • Discontinues alarm after correction
  • Weather resistant for outdoor use
  • Manual targeting in daylight and dark
  • Effective 370+ feet in most conditions
  • Smart Capable Waze® (optional)

Multiple device add ons & customizations are available depending on your needs. Call 717-747-1391 for unit pricing and more information.