Highways, Intersections, Parking Areas & Specialty Applications

Thermoplastic is a durable pavement marking used primarily for roadway or highway applications. However, in recent years thermoplastic is aused, and more commonly so, for some parking lot settings, as well as Long Line Painting. Thermoplastic is a material that lasts on average, 5 to 7 times longer than paint, under similar traffic conditions. Thermoplastic is ideal for intersections and anywhere heavy traffic conditions exist. This will help reduce the cost of maintenance when maintaining pavement markings.

At D.E. Gemmill we specialize in a variety of thermoplastic marking applications as well as other pavement marking solutions. Thermoplastic is typically applied in 125-mil thickness. Glass beads are typically added to thermoplastic to provide reflectivity to the markings. Thermoplastic can also be applied using a variety of methods.

APPLICATION TYPES:  Screed or Extruded Shoe, Preformed

There are a number of practical uses for thermoplastic marking applications due to its durability. Any high traffic area is generally a good place to use thermoplastic pavement application instead of traditional line painting.

  • Legends
  • Bicycle Paths & Markings
  • Wording Legends
  • Crosswalks
  • Warning Markings
  • Long Line Markings
  • Arrows (turning, lane, etc.)
  • Pedestrian or Walking Trails
  • Stop Bars (intersections)
  • School Zones & Crossings
  • Yield Markings or “Sharks Teeth”


  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • High Skid Resistance for Safety
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Impervious to Oil & Gas
  • Worker & Environmental Safety

These specialty thermoplastic products and items can be used in various settings. such as highway and parking areas. These items have multiple uses and can be used to create attractive walkways for pedestrians and traffic calming surfaces. Decorative markings can provide increased visibility for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists and can be applied to asphalt and concrete surfaces.

The Decorative Thermoplastic products are available in various patterns and colors. This is a great cost effective alternative to brick or stone pavers. The thermoplastic markings provide a level surface that has high slip and skid resistant aggregate added during the manufacturing process. The material is available in 125-mil thickness. This material will last 5 to 7 times longer than painted surfaces.

Uses Include:

  • Pedestrian Walkways and Crosswalks
  • Median or Island Markings
  • Streetscapes
  • Bike Paths


Detectable warnings are used to alert visually impaired persons to either stop or proceed with caution. Often the detectable warnings are placed on accessible ramps or curb cuts at intersections, sidewalk edges where persons with disabilities may enter buildings, and for public loading areas. The detectable warnings have truncated domes on the surface which can be detected with a cane or underfoot. The purpose of the detectable warning is to create a boundary between pedestrian and vehicular paths of travel.

The thermoplastic detectable warnings can be applied to new and existing concrete surfaces. The product is available in various colors including yellow, black, white, blue and red. The material is applied without the use of fasteners or anchors and easily conforms to irregular surfaces and blend transitions.
This is a great product to convert existing ramps to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities) requirements (as long as the ramp meets the correct slope). This product can be a great cost saver as well because you do not need to remove, or repour the concrete ramp with the embedded, detectable warning devices. This material provides a long lasting product which is slip resistant and wheelchair friendly, and can be applied to concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Specialty Preformed Thermoplastic Markings

Preformed thermoplastic can offer some unique applications for specialized situations. Since thermoplastic is a durable long lasting product, these applications can reduce maintenance costs over time. Some special applications and markings include:

  • Bicycle Lane Markings and Legends
  • Rumble Strips
  • Manhole Protection Rings
  • Airfield or Airport Markings
  • Curb Ramps
  • Building Access Ramps
  • Train/Rail System Platform Edges
  • Driveway Loading Areas
  • Handicap Parking Markings
  • Storm Drain Markings
  • Interstate Shields
  • Logo
  • Blended Transitions
  • Slip Resistance for Safety
  • Long-lasting High Visibility Color