Pavement Markings – Highways

D.E. Gemmill specializes in painting and marking several types of roads and highways: Pennsylvania State Highways, Maryland State Highways, County Municipal Roads, Local Municipal Roads, Shopping Center Drive Lanes, Private Roads, Intersection and roadway improvements for commercial and industrial development projects. On this page you will find more information about our highway painting and highway marking applications as well as County and Municipal road marking and line painting.

Long Line Painting

“Long line” painting is the process of painting road lines which separate travel lanes on various types of roadways and drive lanes. Long line painting is performed with specialized trucks which apply paint while being driven down the roadway. The paint truck is also equipped with application equipment to apply glass spheres to the wet paint film. These glass spheres are specially cut during the manufacturing process so that light reflects off of the spheres so the paint appears to reflect during night time driving and various wet weather conditions.

D.E. Gemmill has provided quality painting applications since 1986. We are committed to improving our products & services with new equipment and technology in order to deliver quality line painting applications in the Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland areas. We provide line applications for a number of reasons:

  • New Layout/Design
  • Repainting or Restriping
  • Temporary Striping
  • Shadow Line Painting

Short Line Painting

“Short line” or “hand work” painting for Highway and Roadway markings is the process of painting items which cannot be painted with the long line truck. These items are often needed and used to assist in controlling vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic within the limits of the roadway. Most short line markings should and often are, required to be reflective so the use of glass spheres or beads are needed.

D.E. Gemmill provides many short line painting applications within the roadway:

  • Stop Bars
  • Crosswalks
  • Arrow Legends
  • Parking Stall Painting
  • Speed Table Painting
  • Speed Limit Markings
  • Bicycle Paths & Markings
  • Slow Legends
  • Pedestrian or Walking Trails
  • Intersection Markings
  • Pedestrian Legends
  • Advanced Curve Warnings
  • Yield Markings or “Sharks Teeth”