Pavement Marking Projects

Interior Warehouse Line Striping – Lancaster, PA

D. E. Gemmill Inc. was contracted to perform interior warehouse line striping for this project in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. The material requested was an epoxy floor marking material. The project consisted of striping walking paths for employees and visitors, viewing areas for visitors and areas designated as potential hazard areas when cutting or material preparation was taking place. In order to accomplish this and designate the different types of areas, various colors were required. Yellow was to indicate a pedestrian safe path throughout the facility. Blue was to designate a safe or viewing area for visitors and or office staff. Red was used to indicate hazard or cutting areas which require special personal protective equipment to work within the delineated areas. The floor was prepared using special solutions to ensure adhesion of the epoxy paint. The customer requested six inch wide lines, so D. E. Gemmill Inc. used tape machines to mask off the lines in order to ensure crisp edges. Preparation, and application of the paint occurred over a weekend time frame in order to allow the customer on interrupted business operations on Monday morning. The customer also chose to have a clear coat epoxy placed over top of the painted lines, which was highly recommended by D. E. Gemmill Inc. The protective clear coat epoxy extends the life expectancy of the epoxy paint. This type of application provides a long-lasting durable product which is more costly than average traffic paint initially. However the life expectancy of the epoxy paint reduces costs over time due several variables, which include disruption of business operations, repainting costs and labor costs over the long term life of this product. The pedestrian legend which was incorporated into the walkways act as a reinforcement for both pedestrian traffic and equipment traffic to be where of people traveling with in the walking path.










2012, November — Painting of Helicopter Land Pad, Memorial Hospital, York, PA




2012, October — Line Painting, Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant, PA




2012, October — Line Painting and Stencils, Chipotle Restaurant in Camphill, PA




   2012, October — Stencils and Line Painting, Station Ridge, Phase 2




2012, October — Stencils and Line Painting, Walmart in Lancaster




   2012, October — Curb Painting at Hershey Hospital, Hershey, PA.



     2012, September– Top Mark Installation at Tanger Outlets, Hershey, PA.


     TopMark, a detectable warning, alerts visually impaired persons to either stop or proceed with             

     caution.     They are placed on accessible ramps or curb cuts at intersections, sidewalk edges where     

     persons with disabilities may enter buildings and or public loading areas.




2012, September–Fire Lane Markings for Tanger Outlets in Hershey, PA.




2012, September–Sealcoating at Heffner Funeral Home, PA.




2012, September–Painting at St. Charles Way 228, PA.




2012, August–Pre-Inspection of Colony Paperwork Parking Lot in York, PA



2012, June/July–Completed Crack Sealing, Seal Coating & Line Painting for Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA


  2012, May/June–Completed Route 30 State Work in York, PA


2012, May/June–Completed Route 74 Line Painting State Work in York County,     PA



2012, May–Completed Line Painting at E3 Warehouse in PA




2012, June–Completed Interior Line Painting at the HACC

D.E. Gemmill, Inc. completed Interior Line Painting at the HACC (Harrisburg Area Community College) Enforcement Center & Indoor Firing Range Public Service Center.


2012, June–Completed Gore Thermoplastic Markings in Frysville, PA.

D.E. Gemmill, Inc. completed Thermoplastic work in Frysville, PA where we changed traffic markings and signals


2012, May–Thermoplastic “Safe Route to School” Crosswalk Completed in Mechanicsburg, PA.

D.E. Gemmill, Inc. completed a Thermoplastic “Safe Route to School” crosswalk in Mechanicsburg, PA. The “Safe Route to School” projects are to improve sidewalks and crosswalks in the vincity of schools so more children will walk or ride their bicycle to schools located in walking communities.