Protective/Security Bollards

Protective Bollards and Security Bollards are made up of either round steel piping or square steel tubing. Many times, steel pipe bollards are filled with concrete with a finished concrete cap and then painted or have a cap welded on top of them. Often painted, these bollards have a preformed composite colored sleeve placed over them to alleviate maintenance and add to the aesthetics of the bollard.

Square Tubing Bollards are often used in industrial settings. They can be concreted into the industrial surface, or have a plate welded on the bottom so it can be lagged or bolted to the floor to protect machinery equipment or product. Often painted yellow in color to warn of a safety concern or safety area; many times in an industrial setting the bollards will have a steel railing welded between them to create a barrier from the items being protected and traffic within the facility. This creates a type of guard rail system in an industrial setting.

Round Steel Pipe Bollards are often used to protect utilities, pedestrian buildings, and signs from damage of motor vehicle traffic. These are mainly used in areas where there is a high likelihood they may be struck by a vehicle. Many municipalities or government entities require pipe bollards to be installed in the area of utilities of commercial buildings to prevent against damage and possible catastrophe arising from damage to the utilities.

Pipe Bollards, depending on the setting, location and architectural aesthetics of the building and/or property, can be used. Simple and typical painted pipe bollards can be used in areas such as around the back of the building and in areas that are not highly visible and do not detract from the type of property at which they are used. More prolific or architectural pleasing settings may want to consider using more of a decorative type of bollard. These types of applications can include simply anesthetic pleasing covers which can be placed over the steel pipe bollard all the way up to and including using molded or cast bollard designs which provide and give the appearance of a more higher-end architectural presence.

Security Bollards come in many different models and are applied to various uses. Removable, collapsible or retractable bollards can be used to allow limited access to areas by police, fire and emergency services. These items are often locked or installed and require special tools or keys to access the areas, which are usually provided to the agencies or personnel that would need to gain access to these areas.

Another type of security bollard are one that is installed to prevent or deter access or damage to a property or facility in the event of some type of attack. These are often used by military, government or secure properties or facilities. Many of these types of bollards require intricate, detailed and elaborate installation systems to prevent failure of the bollards and equipment in the event of an attack.

Collapsible Bollards are designed to sheer or lay over as an emergency vehicle drives into them. Many of these types of bollards have various foundations and/or installation methods which allow them to be functional in this manner. These items come in various shapes sizes and designs to again allow the items to fit into the aesthetics of the facility or property.