Landscaping Bollards

Landscape bollards can consist of wood, metal or composite designs. They can be used in a variety of settings to assist and enhance the outdoor areas of your property.

Wooden Bollards often come in various shapes and sizes. Some are simply treated wooden posts which are embedded into the ground and may have an angled cut on top of the post. Or, they may have a routed or milled design cut into them. Wooden bollards can be used as parameter settings for landscape areas, informational locators at the corner of paths and walkways, pedestrian guiding systems along pathways or grass areas to deter people from entering or changing their path of travel throughout the property or facility. The guide systems may have wooden bollards placed along a designated path or an area in which you do not want people to enter along with a decorative chain, rope or cable placed between them to prevent entry into a specific area.

Decorative or Preformed Landscape Bollards can also be used to enhance the landscape of the facility, while also providing protection to courtyards, fountains, statues and various other types of outdoor and landscaped areas of a property. Landscape bollards come in different designs, colors and styles so that they may fit into the theme or property style in which you are trying to create.